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Word for Today / Be Considerate of the Weak

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Be Considerate of the Weak

‘Uphold the weak.’ 1 Thessalonians 5:14 NKJV

Every school has boys and girls who are at the bottom of the social hierarchy. Some of them are physically unattractive, some are slow learners, and some are simply unable to make friends and find a comfortable place in the school environment. (The same is true in the workplace and the church.)

The key question is: what should teachers do when they see one of these children being ridiculed and taunted by their peers?

Some would say, ‘Kids will be kids. Stay out of the conflict and let the children work out their differences for themselves.’ But the Bible says we are to ‘uphold the weak’. When a strong, loving teacher comes to the aid of the least respected child in class, something dramatic occurs in the emotional climate of the room. Every child seems to utter an audible sigh of relief. The same thought bounces around in many little heads: ‘If that kid is safe from ridicule, then I must be safe, too.’ By defending the least popular child in the classroom, the teacher is demonstrating that he or she respects everyone and will fight for anyone who is being treated unfairly.

One of the values children cherish most is justice. (Adults do too!) They are, conversely, very uneasy in a world of injustice and abuse. Therefore, when we teach children kindness and respect for others by insisting on civility in our classrooms, we are laying a foundation for human kindness in the world of adulthood to come. So wherever you are today, endeavour to ‘comfort the fainthearted, uphold the weak, be patient with all.’

written by Bob Gass
What does intervention cost us? If we put ourselves between a victim and his tormentor, what will it cost us? If we reach out a helping hand to someone who has been abused, what will it cost us? Why was it that the Priest and the Levite failed to help that man on the road who had been beaten severely? Why did the one with an evil reputation, the Samaritan, come to be known as the "good" Samaritan?

Are we really Christians or are we like the Priest and the Levite walking on the far side of the road while naming ourselves as Christian?