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Word for Today / Be a Mentor to a Fatherless Boy

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Be a Mentor to a Fatherless Boy

'Defend the cause of the fatherless.' Isaiah 1:17 NIV

In her book Mothers and Sons, Jean Lush talks about the challenge single mothers face in raising sons. Ages four to six are especially important and difficult. A boy at that age still loves his mother, but feels the need to gravitate towards a masculine image. If he has a father in the home, he’ll want to spend more time with his dad apart from his mother and sisters. So what advice can be given to a mother who’s raising a son alone?

First, she must understand he has needs that she’s not best equipped to meet. Her best option is to recruit a man who can act as a role model to her son. Of course, good mentors can be difficult to find. Single mothers should consider friends, relatives or neighbours who can offer as little as an hour or two a month. Single mothers who belong to a church should be able to find support for their boys among the male members.

Scripture commands people of faith to care for children without fathers: ‘Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.’ Jesus took boys and girls on His lap and said, ‘Whoever welcomes a little child like this in My name welcomes Me.’ (Matthew 18:5 NIV) If you are a man and you have been asking God to use you in His service, this could be a real ministry opportunity for you. Think of the incredible potential of one small boy, and the privilege of helping to mould him into a man of God who fulfils the purposes of God during his lifetime. What a privilege!

written by Bob Gass