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Word 4U 2day/The spirit of Caleb

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The spirit of Caleb

'My servant Caleb has a different spirit.' NUMBERS 14:24

Caleb wasn't into 'safe living.' As a young man he came back from the Promised Land, stood with the minority and announced, 'With God on our side we'll take it!' At 85, he was still slaying giants and claiming mountains. That's because he had 'a different spirit'.

Safe living is secure and straight forward but in many ways it's not really living, in fact it's quite dull! Most 'safe-livers' will look back in years and wish they'd gone for it, taken a risk and wondered what they could have done

you're young, lots of people will tell you that you can't do all sorts of things. Maybe your IQ doesn't match your dreams or your skills don't quite match your passion. But so what? If God's called you or told you to do something, he'll give you the tools you need to do the job! Moses was given some huge jobs to do and most people would have said he was insane; he couldn't even speak properly! He went to do it anyway and God gave him Aaron to do the talking.

If your mates or even your folks or church leaders tell you you're not good enough, see what God has to say. If God says yes then His opinion is the only one that counts. Would you rather try and fail, or not try at all?

written by Bob Gass

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