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Word 4U 2day/Inner Beauty

Staff Member
Inner beauty


A lady was applying face cream when her little girl asked, 'What's that you're putting on, Mum?' 'Moisturiser,' she replied. 'The saleslady said it would make me beautiful.' With an honesty only children have, she replied, 'Mum, I don't think it's working.' There's nothing at all wrong with looking good, but the question we should ask is why we're so keen to look good? We've all heard the old clich?s that beauty is on the inside, but then we turn on the TV, flick through a magazine or stand next to the good-looking kid at school, and we feel like a minger.

Making an effort with our appearance can help us a feel a bit better, but it's just not enough. You can't let your emotions be ruled by what the scales said this morning! It's so important that you take time to allow God to tell you what he thinks of your appearance. He crafted you, designed you and made you just the way He wants you; so who are you to tell God He didn't do a good enough job?! It's a hugely difficult thing to accept the truth of God's Words when He's talking about us, that He loves us, that we're gorgeous, but unless you do, and start living like it, you'll continue to look in the mirror and feel sad at the reflection.


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