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Word 4U 2day/Forgive and forget

Staff Member
Forgive and forget


Quiz time. You find out that your best mate and the lurrve of your life have been getting over friendly in the tonsil-tennis department. After letting off some serious steam in their faces, they apologise, you kiss and make up and everything seems hunky dory. But where do you go from there. Do you

a) accept the apology but store the incident in a cunning filing cabinet of your brain, ready to fire it back in their faces at the first whiff of a future argument;

b) you accept the apology, then proceed to snog the first person with a pulse just to make a point; nobody treats you like a doormat;

c) you accept the apology and attempt to start things with a clean slate. You're no doormat, but you don't hold a grudge either.

OK, some things are easier to forgive than others. Some will even require a long healing process. Some things it will be the last thing you want to do. But when we carry a grudge with us, we carry a suitcase of resentment, stress and hurt around with us. Forgiveness helps us. It's not an excuse to be walked over; it's touching in with the heart of God. Jesus wants what's best for us. If something seems impossible, take it to Jesus first, he's in the business of healing and forgiveness.

written by Bob Gass

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