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Word 4U 2day/Everybody needs somebody(1)

Staff Member
Everybody needs somebody (1)

'...Love cares more for others than for self...' 1 Corinthians 13:7

A bad footie team is a bit like an old bra. No cups and little support! OK, bad Dad joke alert, but perhaps there's a little wisdom in it for us, as a church. See, wherever there's a group of people bunched together, there's a team. Whether it's Alex Ferguson's army of trim, toned, well groomed professional athletes or your church's rabble of cardigan wearing, comb-over hair-do'ed, misfits; wherever there is people, there's a team.

Do you ever wonder whether there are days where Cristiano and Wayne fight over the hair gel? Or whether Rio and Ryan argue over the finer details of the 'predestination' theory (OK, that's probably a no). Whatever differences they may have in the dressing room, gets left behind when it comes to the real action on the field. They're fighting for a greater cause than themselves.

Shouldn't that be the way in our church. Don't we have a greater fight on our hands than worrying over whether we sing a hymn with an organ or a song with a phat bassline. Top teams are made up of stars with strengths, and weaknesses. The trick is to cancel out weaknesses by playing to your strengths. What is the greatest strength of the church? LOVE!!! When we realise the game is not just about us, its about others, we tap into the manager's top tactics. To win the cups, we need to support each other.

written by Bob Gass


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