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Word 4U 2Day/Driver's seat

Staff Member
Driver's seat

'"Your kingdom come. Your will be done ..."' Matthew 6:10

Imagine driving in the fast lane during rush hour; it's bumper-to-bumper stuff but you're focussed on the car in front and have everything under control, when a hand reaches over from the passenger seat and forces the wheel out of your hand. You're not scraping any vehicles, nor has the airbag inflated, but you're criss-crossing lanes, swerving at the last minute, flying whatever direction your passenger is steering you. How do you feel? Vulnerable? Powerless? Fearful? Of course you do.

It's the same when God reaches over the steering wheels of our lives, when our safe plans for 'destination easy street' are hijacked by Him, and we find ourselves powerless in the fast lane, narrowly missing collision. Being a Christian is giving God the driver's seat. God isn't reckless with our lives, careering down the road like some kid joy-rider, but being his passenger can sometimes make uncomfortable driving. Being the Son of God didn't assure Jesus a cushy ride here on earth.

You've probably recited The Lord's Prayer parrot-fashion a squillion times but just what are those words you're giving to God, 'Your kingdom come. Your will be done'? Jesus didn't include them because they make the rhyme. God's kingdom can only come when we move out the way, and hand over the steering wheel; your will be done. Are you up for a God-driven bumpy ride through life? It's going to be exhilarating but it's the best life there is.

written by Bob Gass

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