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Word 4U 2day/Don't be a fool!

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Don't be a fool!

'Wisdom? She kicks off with respect for God. Only idiots write off wisdom and training' Proverbs 1:7

Do you think Carol Vorderman got to be a whiz at maths by ignoring her teachers? Or Beckham got to be so good at bending balls by laughing at his footie coaches? Did Leona Lewis get to top the charts by never having a singing lesson? No; of course not! If you want to get good at something, you have to learn, and the best people to learn from, are those who are already good at it. So if you want to develop your Christian life, a good place to start is by finding someone you respect who can help you through stuff, who can help you learn.

This proverb suggests your parents may be a good source of wisdom; now, you may see them as a pain, always telling you how to do stuff and getting on at you, but, hard as it may be to admit, they probably come up with some good advice sometimes! Listen to what they're saying, and weigh up whether it actually could be wise to follow their advice. Just like Carol, Leona and Beckham got to be good at what they do by studying hard, practicing, and seeking advice, so should it be for you with your Christian life.

To get to know God better, study His word, learn from others and respect Him. So don't be a fool; get some training and advice, and wise up.

written by Bob Gass