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Word 4U 2day/Are you a stream or

Staff Member
Are you a stream or a pond?

'... the Spirit of God moved ...' Genesis 1:2

I want you to imagine that all human beings are a little bit like water. Without God in our lives, we are like a pond. The water is still, and it doesn't lead anywhere. Yes, it has some uses, but it can go stagnant easily, and end up with all that manky green algae all over it.

Would you want to take a drink from a pond covered in green mank and goo? I don't think so! When we ask God's spirit into our lives, we become more like a river, or a mountain stream. Suddenly there's movement and life in the water, it's going somewhere and has direction, it's permanently refreshed, it goes through loads of different purifying soils and rocks and comes out the other side filtered and clean.

Would you drink water from a mountain stream? I know I would - and if you ever buy a bottle of mineral water, that's what you're doing, 'cos it pretty much all comes from mountain streams. As well as all that, moving water has power to change things, to take things along with it, and even to generate electricity - just like you, with God's Spirit in you, have the power to change things for the better, to help others on their journey as Christians, and to generate goodness. So let God's Spirit move in you today and be a stream, not a pond.

written by Bob Gass

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