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Word 4U 2day/Abba arms

Staff Member
Abba arms


Some people wonder why God would be described as 'Father' at all. In a messed up world of absent fathers and crummy dad role models, surely it's a bad marketing mistake. Surely the last thing God would want to be compared to is a 'Father'. Jesus didn't just call God, 'Father'; he went a step further, describing Him as 'Abba'. No, he wasn't comparing God to a dodgy Swedish Eurovision pop combo; He was tuned into his Dad. The Aramaic word, 'abba', is a bit like when a toddler says, 'Daddy' or 'Dada' today. So, why was a grown man like Jesus baby-babbling to God?

Well, perhaps if your take on dads is not a good one, maybe, the best way of looking at it is to think what would the best dad in the world be like? He'd love you no matter what, he'd want to bear-hug you tight, he'd have nothing but the best for you, he'd feel your hurt more than you feel it, he'd provide and protect you, he'd wipe away your tears, he'd get the family pics out showing everyone how proud he is of you, he'd pull out all the stops to make sure you know he loves you. God's all that and more. That's why Jesus called him, 'abba' or 'dada'. That's why you're safe in your dada's everlasting arms.

written by Bob Gass

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