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Word 4 U 2day/Lasting legacy

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Lasting legacy

'That your fruit should remain...' John 15:16

When you're in the cemetery every day is a lie-in day; so best use your God-given day whilst you've still got it! Life is short; eternity is long. You only get one chance at changing this planet and that's now.

Elisha hooked onto this early. His beardy guru, Elijah, was approaching chariot-retirement, so he asked Elisha, 'what can I do for you?'

Now Elijah was a black-belt in miracles - he could've drawn five numbers and a bonus ball from his hat; he could've granted the looks of Zac Efron with one rub of a magic lamp; but Elisha didn't ask for money or good looks from Elijah. Instead he replied, 'Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit' (2 Kings. 2:9 NIV).

The prophet understands that the only lasting legacy he can leave in this world is a spiritual one. What kind of spirit do you want to inherit: One that's rich in possessions but spiritually poor or one that's pretty penniless but full with God?

Elisha chooses the double portion and gets it. Miracle man, Elijah is recorded in the Bible at the hub of seven whacking miracles. Elisha gets double that with a whopping 14 phenomena next to his name. Thirteen wonders Elisha sees with his own eyes. The final one occurs whilst he's a corpse - his dead bones bring someone back to life. Talk about leaving a legacy after you're gone!

written by Bob Gass
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