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Word 4 U 2day/Bright New Seasons

Staff Member
Bright New Seasons

'To everything there is a season' Ecclesiastes 3:1

Sir Alex Ferguson must know something about seasons, after all he's lead Manchester United well over twenty. When his star player Eric Cantona retired in 1997 everyone said his reign was over.

Yet a young unknown player was emerging through the ranks by the name of David Beckham. When Becks' time was up, again the doubters prophesied an end to Fergie's reign.

And yet a Portuguese kid called Cristiano Ronaldo donned the same shirt. And so on. And so on. The point is that endings bring new beginnings.

God brings us through seasons in our lives and whenever there's the pain of something ending, you can be sure there'll soon be the joy of something new beginning.

In 1 Samuel 16, God has to tell Sam the Spiritualist to stop sobbing over King of Catastrophe, Saul. The wayward king has repeatedly pulled 'the hard of hearing' card with God, and in return the Divine has sent stubborn Saul his royal P45. Samuel sees the sacking of Saul as the end of Israel and sheds some salty sniffles into his pillow.

But for God, the end of one chapter is the beginning of a new one. The man after God's own heart is about to be anointed for the throne - David. Saul represented the past but David represented the future. Like Samuel, we can learn that the pain of something ending is really the birth of something better beginning.

written by Bob Gass

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