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Wonderful testimony!!!!

This is from a wonderful new pastor friend of mine who lives in Zambia:

I will share this a little bit in brief but will make sure to give the important points attention enough to make you understand this me!

My father was born in 1945 and married Mama who was born in 1955. The time he married my mother, he already had a wife but could not share to mama that he was married already, until the second child who is my immediate elder sister. I’m the third born from Mama and for a long time was the only boy! Now in my father’s tradition, they believe that if you have the first born Baby boy born in July, the best you can do is kill them before they grow for they may grow to overthrow you. My father happened to be from the Royal Clan and they practiced this tradition so very much. I was born on 27th of July and efforts were made to have this me killed. Nay way, I’m not dead! My mother managed to escape and had me grow, until the time that Papa began to try the second alternative. If you do not kill the by – make sure you initiate him into traditions at a very tender age.
When I was about 12, I remember my father coming with a “sangoma” [traditional medicine man] and called all the boys in the family. I then realized something fishy was about to happen so left home and stayed with Auntie for a week. I was reported as lost at the Police station and announcements were made on radio and TV about my being lost. So much of the efforts to have me initiated into traditions and stuff would not work until they had to give up. My father was a member of the Wesleyan Pilgrim Church and at that time I was a Member of The United Church of Zambia. In 1993, I was chased from home because I could not go to the Wesleyan Pilgrim Church.
I left home amid tears from my mama and sisters. I did not know where to go but I told God that He was the Reason for my troubles as I could not compromise! From my first year in school, my father never paid a thing for my schooling and now I was in my nineth grade, so I did not see a reason to follow a lost group of people. This time, I had moved from the United Church to a Pentecostal Church that was born out of the United Church. So I read in Mathew that because Jesus is come, father and Son will differ, Mother and Daughter will differ for the sake of His name! I told Papa, I would not compromise, so he said let us see if this your God will save you. I scared with witchcraft all amner of magic but I said ok, let me taste the goodness and saving power of this God whom I believe. In the night that I was chased from home, I slept at a Railway Station in Monze [A town where we stayed]. The following day, I went to my school, got a transfer letter to a place in the country I did not know. Then I was called home. I obeyed and went home. When Papa came, the only things he said where I needed to renounce my surname and adopt another one, then I can go on living the way I wanted with the God I had chosen! This was like a bitter nut for me. I told him I was not ready to do what he said but would comply and leave his house. He told me I was not going to live 2 months from that day. He told me I would not reach where I wanted to God – I was cursed that I would die in an accident on my way! I prayed against all these and that is how I moved to Ndola - the city where I’m now.
I knew nobody in this city but trusted God for my stay. For 3 weeks, I stayed at the railway station under harsh conditions. On the 21st day, I met two men who spoke my language and these looked friendly. On this day, I was going to spend my last money on a loaf of bread. The other man bumped in me and was moved with compassion when he saw me falling to the ground. He picked me up and asked me who I was. I spoke in Tonga [our language] and narrated my story. He then offered his house and I went in with him. We then discovered he was actually my uncle – a brother third from Mama and I never knew him as Papa would not allow us to visit. I stayed with this man for 6 months and then he died. I remained all by myself again!! This was painful! I prayed and told God life needed to continue with me. So I stayed on in this rented house and managed to get a place in one of the Local schools. I became the first Head boy of this school up until 1995 when I passed the grade 9 examinations to Grade ten at a different school. Basically, this is how I stayed. Had to pay for the house and school fees as well as for medicals. At this time I had Stomach ulcers and a heart problem. I lived on and got much encouragements from my wife’s parents and family. They kind of replaced the love of parents that I did not have. In 1997, I was destined for an artificial heart as the doctors said I had a crack in my heart for whatever reason. I knew I did not have the money to finance all the costs of having this operation – so I had to depend on God and told Him to do the best for me. In may of 1997, I went into Zimbabwe for Checkups and was told that the crack was healing. The ulcers also began to lessen in pain. Up to this time, I have my natural heart – God healed me!!!!! In 1998, 4 months before the Grade 12 [Final school] examinations, I was admitted in Hospital for 3 weeks. I had both Cerebral malaria and meningitis. I came out of hospital with some kind of a stroke on my whole left. I could not walk, let alone doing stuff for myself. My wife and her family played a very much pivotal row in encouraging this me to be what I’m now. The doctors had said I should not write the exams but I insisted as I was already delayed by the other one year. So I sat for exams and the teachers were amazed when they discovered I passed the exams so very well. I got healed from all that pain and stroke. I refused to look down on me and promised God that legs or no legs – even on a wheel chair/clutches, I will praise you!!! Today I walk on both legs and have no complications. I then went back to Monze and met my father. I told him he needed to know this God if his life was to end as a success story. I told him his life was in a mess. He looked at me and began to cry. He repented and now he is Born again. He arranges for meetings in Monze sometimes and will always cry every time I preach.
Basically, my whole family is now Christian; including the extended and step brothers and sisters. I do not have a problem with any except for my elder sister who hates me because I decided to forgive my ‘Father’. She is bitter that my father can even come to visit at my place and I pray that she gets to know the power of forgiveness!
This would be all for today. I will need to stop here and get to Praize messenger.
Papa, when you look at all this, I came to a point where I needed to depend on God as my father. I developed bitterness even at the word ‘Father’ whenever I heard my friends calling their dads. I never liked it till I needed to resolve to forgive my dad and began to call on God as Papa, Abba, Father every time till I had Him as My Dad forever! I realized what David meant when he said, my father and mother can leave me but God will never ever leave me! I love this God Papa. I thank Him that He has brought you into my life. I love you Papa. I love you with my heart and spirit.
May the Lord shine on you forever. Tell Mama I’m busy praying for her and her work.
Your son and partner in ministry,
Staff Member
That was very powerful of a story! Thanks for posting all of that. Its very inspiring and motivating in faith. I'm glad all is well for you now.