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Wonderful being established in Jesus!!

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3 days ago my 90 year old mom had another heart attack, my mom has hospital care, meaning there are people who come to the house to see to her needs a few times a week. I was alone at the time with her,and called 911,they were here in 4min and 45 sec! The man who runs the home care was very angry with me I did not call him first! LOL I asked him could he have got here in 4 min and 45 sec?? He said no but you are to call me first,so I could instruct you to care for your mom,but the things he should have left for me to care for my mom were not here! Yep he dropped the ball! I told him when someone you love is having a heart attack, time means so very much to them living or dieing! If I would have taken the time to call you first, those are minutes she cannot not afford to wait,I said this in a very established manner! LOL I do not know who leads your life sir,but I am led by Holy Spirit in my life, to do and perform the deeds needed at any given time.( col 4:6!) Just as my words are now, as I am speaking to you.

I feel very threatened by you he said,I am going to leave,and I said fine we will just go to the home care people at the hospital instead. But do not come into my house and tell me your paycheck should mean more to me then my own mother,because you will lose every time! LOL I asked him if he had any common sense,if that were him having a heart attack would he mind if someone said, I will call someone other then who I should call, so hold on with your heart attack a few minutes please.LOL He calmed down a bit but was shaking in anger. There is a large difference between knowledge and wisdom I said,what good is ones own knowledge if they do not use the wisdom associated with the knowledge they acquire? My knowledge comes from the Word and Jesus who leads me,i cannot speak for your knowledge but it has become evident to me, you look to stay in control, and wish to control others, but this will not be done in my house, have a nice day.

My brother came in and heard the last part of the conversation,as i left the room,for stupidity I do not wish to hang around very long for! The doctor understood my point, but did not like being called out himself as having fault. lol As she was in the hospital the home care doctor did everything he could do to get her out of the hospital and back home,but they kept her 3 days,saying she cannot be moved at this time. Something I already knew as pale as she was. He just wanted to be right,is the point. She is home now, doing very well, as all around my brother were saying she may not make it this time,when I already knew some 8 years ago she will go in the fall season,once again the doctors are in shock. LOL

They do not understand how she can get better?? My brothers and sisters in Christ! When you are established in Jesus and his word,your words and deeds through him are established!! You are going to be checked on this from time to time,and from time to time,your words that come forth from your own mouth will tell you, just how established in Christ's Word you have become,and by the deeds, Holy Spirit performs through you confirms your establishment!! Do indeed have strong courage!!( deut 31:6)( heb 13:5-6) LOVE can show another person's lack of it! LOVE is a mirror to Jesus inside us, and around us,and LOVE NEVER FAILS! ( 1 cor 13:4-8)

No matter who comes against him,in words or deeds! I am so very THANKFUL to Jesus and his Words daily!!( 1 thess 5:18!!) WE stay in his will, because everyday WE stay as his will tells US to always stay and be established in!! STAY THANKFUL for this is the will of God!

I give my Jesus all the praise and Glory for his establishment,and for keeping his children following in that establishment! Mom is doing very well know, a little weak of course,but brothers and sisters we are not weak,not in word nor deed, and for those who need to SEE establishment in Christ Jesus,they only have to look to us in HIM! fear NOT!! Nor ever be afraid,for the Lord our God goes with us, he will NEVER Fail us or ever!!!! Forsake us!! period!! ( psalm 27:13)

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