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wittys poem...Machine

hello everyone I wasn't going to post this one because I didn't want it to be misunderstood...You are all non judgemental anyway. S there are many thoughts combined in this one. I find alot of teenagers become apathetic to the world because the live in a society that is like a machine. That cant feel. And the media pumps violence sex fear...into us.this is wittys own little explosion. But in no way am I apathetic. This world tears a new hole into me every time i turn on the news. here goes...
I like you, have mastered this apathetic art of cool. In this media induced frenzy, we are all mashed into the same box, then sealed with government grade glue. Where we tick away like cuckoo clocks and wait for our turn to explode. We are weeping machines finely tuned with gasoline, marching ablaze with anger, to the fires of this self destructing drum. A bloody leaf blows by, we turn our heads and cry. As this world collapses the clouds shake. Please open your eyes and wake. So we can save our souls before its too late.
well thats it..i hope u enjyed this the next one will be happier
by julie the sometimes witty writer