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wittys new poem

hey yall here is the latest poem from wittys wacky world....it is called
I flourished with life, brought rays of joy. I flowed freely in the warmth of love. I gave you my purity and you poisened me. What will there be for your children to see. You blow huge craters into me as you destroy yourselves. You are one yet you call different branches of humanity enimies. You tear out my beautiful towers of nature by their roots. Burning away my dignity, you ignore me. My freedom is polluted as I bleed waterfalls of pain. I cry like a woman lying beaten, naked on the ground. You used me. I gave you food, furry friends sparkling water and a shelter in the universe. You rape me. You savagley mutilate my babies, then wear their skin like a trophy. You say you just want to live more comfortably... How comfortable can you be when nothing is left of me. Striping away my skin and tearing out my flesh in chunks, no one hears my shrieks. You fill my wounds with garbage, until I cant breathe. You embed my heart with your waste, then leave me here to bleed. With the shock of when a child kills his parents, you turn a blind eye as you murder me daily. Love yourselves and loving me will be easy. I am your mother, please dont forget me. It's not to late to heal me.
Forever yours?? MOTHER EARTH
Thanks for coming to see my poem. I know its a bit graphic but sometimes people need a shock to recognize the issues going on around us. sorry if i offended anyone and God bless!