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Witty writers new poem...Broken

Hello, how are all of you....I haven't been logged on lately. I haven't been too talkitive! Anyways I wrote this poem and I'd like to share it. God bless you all!

I look at my wrists, I see the scars
I search my soul, I know my shame
I've been led by the blind and beaten down by sin
I should have died, but You wouldn't let them win
I see Your hands, the holes in Your palms
I know your glory has overcome all pain
I turn to You Lord, in my broken suffering
A love unimaginable, how can this be
In all my wretchedness, You reached out to save me
A soul so pure, my hero, Your truth
The word of God that whispered to my heart and set me free
As I tripped over trials, in this deathly darkness
I looked for the way
Your light opened my soul and my eyes lit up with hope
You showed me a path that I can now take
Thanks to Your selfless sacrifice
This sheep will never fade away
I toddle like a baby, into Your strong hands
I am Yours, You have made me new again
Paralized with tears, my repentance shakes my being
Then You kiss my tears away and I am no longer unclean
Thank you Father, my cross I'll bear
'Till the day I go home, when You shout from the sky
All Your sheep will run to You with a happy cry
And there I'll be, tucked safely under Your wing
As we fly away, this life will have seemed like a dream
I will never forget how You came back for me
I love you Lord Jesus

By Julie, aka Witty
Wittywriter (Julie) Thank you for sharing your poem....Let us allways remember that the divel is defeated, we are victoreious in Jesus.Praise our Lord forever. God has blessed you with a gift of writeing and ,if my guess is right, a voice for singing.Praise the Lord... your sister in our Lord Jesus gerlene