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I was going through some books last night and inside one of them was a print out of the following writing. I don't know who wrote it, it was originally an e-mail circulating around. Someone at a church gave it to me. I read it again last night and I thought it was worth sharing.

Letter in the Night:

One day a woman named Louise fell asleep in her bed, and dreamed a
very fitful dream. She dreamed that someone in Hell wrote a letter to her, and it was to be delivered to her by a messenger.
The messenger passed between the lakes of burning fire and brimstone that occupies hell, and found his way to the door that would lead him to the outside world.

Louise dreamed that the messenger walked to her house, came inside, and gently but firmly woke Louise up. He gave her the message, saying only that a friend had wrote it to her from hell. Louise, in her dream, with trembling hands took the letter and read:

(My friend, I stand in Judgment now, And feel that you're to blame somehow. On earth, I walked with you day by day, And never did you point the way.

You knew the Lord in truth and glory, But never did you tell the story.

My knowledge then was very dim; You could have led me safe to Him. Though we lived together on the earth, you never told me of the second birth, and now I stand this day condemned, Because you failed to mention Him.

You taught me many things, that's true, I called you "friend" and trusted you.
But, I learn now that it's too late, You could have kept me from this fate.

We walked by day and talked by night, And yet you showed me not the light.
You let me live, love and die, You knew I'd never live on high.

Yes, I called you a "friend" in life, And trusted you through joy and strife.
And yet on coming to the end, I cannot, now, call you "My friend".

from Marsha.)

After reading the letter, Louise awoke. The dream was still so real in her mind and sweat dropped from her body in pools. She swore she could still smell the acrid smell of brimstone and smoke from her room.

As she contemplated the meaning of her dream, she realized that as a Christian, she had failed in her duty to "go out to all the world and preach the gospel." As she thought of that, she promised herself that the next day, she would call Marsha and invite her to church with her.

The next morning she called Marsha and this was the conversation:

"Yes, Bill, Is Marsha there? "
"Louise, you don't know?"
"No Bill, know what?"
Marsha was killed last night in a car accident. I thought you had known.

Fellow Christian, is this your testimony? Are you witnessing to your friends that you are with everyday? Or will there be a friend of yours in hell, asking you why did you not tell them about JESUS?
As your friend...If you don't know Jesus, here's how:
If you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9-10
If you have not done so, just pray this prayer:
"Dear God, I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart that Jesus is your son and that he died on the cross for my sins. Jesus, Forgive me of my sins and come into my heart and become my personal Lord and Savior. In Jesus's name, amen."

P.S If you are a believer- new or old, send this to others and let them know you are a true friend.

Please understand one thing: in this journey we call life you are either on the road to Heaven or you are on the road to hell. There is no in between.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, you are on the road to Hell. Please don't wait another second to invite Him into your heart.

Author: unknown

Your friend in Christ:love:
Amen! Very convicting. It is so important for us to help people understand why they need a Savior. They Don't understand that their sin offends a just and Holy God. So many people think that because God is Loving He will allow them into Heavan, not realizing that because He is loving He must also be just.

I pray that I and other Christians will make it our main priority to share the Gospel, teaching people what it means to repent (turning from our sins to God), thereby making Jesus Lord of our lives.

I thank God for your tender heart for seeking and saving the lost. You are an encouragement to Me. Thank you sister!


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