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With So Many Things To Do !

One Thing Is Necessary

LUKE 10:42 Weymouth
42 and yet only one thing is really necessary. Mary has chosen
the good portion and she shall not be deprived of it.

This is the word of Jesus. Someone who knows more than we do
and loves us more than we love ourselves. So, we need to listen
and take heed. [After all, we should realize that Jesus did not
say things for His own benefit, but to help us.]

It is easy to get busy in life and let ourselves be distracted
from what we know is important. That was the case with Martha,
the sister of Mary, in the scripture quoted from above. Martha
knew she needed to hear what Jesus had to say,but she also
knew that she was responsible for preparing something to eat.
What could she do?

We all face such problems , which are actually choices.

WE choose what our priorities are. WE decide what we will spend
our time and energy on. And we should choose wisely.

Here's a tip , if it won't be important one hundred years from
now, it's not that important now, either.

In this situation, Jesus brought a calming , not a condemning
word to Martha. Jesus is still not interested in condemning
people, but in helping them. In effect, Jesus said to not
worry, but to put hearing what God has to say first, and then
somehow things will work out with God's help.

Jesus is saying the same message to you, today.

The most important and productive way we can spend time is in
getting God's wisdom, guidance, and help. Hearing and heeding
His Word will pay rich dividends in this time, as well as for

Never forget that God can do more for you in one minute, than
you could accomplish in a lifetime by yourself.

Don't make the wrong choices.

Choose to listen to God's Word. Then, with God's help, you
will make it.

I pray for comfort and guidence for all who need God's help
in their daily choices . :love: :boy_hug: Mike
Brother Mike,
My mind was just on this when I read this thread. How lovely that God confirms our thoughts!
Thank you for this post, it is so true!
Staff Member
Never forget that God can do more for you in one minute, than
you could accomplish in a lifetime by yourself.

You just got to love that :)
Girlforgod . It is great when our loving Father threads our hearts together as one in Christ . I am blessed to serve here at TalkJesus . :love: :boy_hug: Mike
Amen Soldier ! Gods work is only beginning to start here at talkjesus . But if we must work , then let us do all our works through the teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour ! :love: :boy_hug: Mike
Staff Member
Good atmosphere, great servants, great glory to GOD!

Make way for the Savior!
I have read this and heard this before. . .i am very much a martha kind. . .even though that I very much wanna be the mary kind. . .

I am openly askin you all as my family members to watch me and remind me when i turn more into martha than mary. . .if you see that happen, please correct me

I will work on it. . .lol .. .no no no not work. . .hmmm . . .I will take that minute for God first and sit to Jesus feet . . . I love listening. . .but I love running and spreading what I heard 10x as much . . .Please keep me in your prayers if you see me running Thank you family :love:
Peeps I think you are my twin ... jk lol I also have to be reminded to just listen and not do as much. I also tell people "yeah I am a Martha want to be a Mary." So I also would like people to tell me when I need to sit and listen ! Joyfully ~ Jlu