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Wise And Foolish Virgins

Discussion in 'Parables of Jesus' started by Chad, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. The Wise And Foolish Virgins (Mt 25:1-13)


    1. We have seen that several of Jesus' parables describe the consummation of the "kingdom of heaven" which takes place when Jesus returns...
    a. "The Wheat And Tares" - Mt 13:24-30,36-43
    b. "The Dragnet" - Mt 13:47-50
    2. Following His Discourse on the Mount of Olives in which He seems to address...
    a. Either the destruction of Jerusalem (which occurred in 70 A.D.)
    b. Or His coming at the end of the age (yet to occur)
    ...we find another parable: "The Wise And Foolish Virgins" - Mt 25:1-13
    3. Scholars often debate over whether the discourse of Matthew 24 pertains...
    a. Strictly to the destruction of Jerusalem that occurred in A.D. 70
    b. Strictly to the Second Coming of Christ
    c. To both events, as the first is a type or shadow of the latter, such that certain terms can be used to describe both events, though figurative in one case and literal in another
    4. Whichever it might be, in the final analysis the parable of "The Wise And Foolish Virgins" has important lessons to be learned
    a. For even if Matthew 24 pertains solely to the destruction of Jerusalem...
    b. ...other passages in the New Testament teach the Second Coming of the Lord, and we need to be watchful for that great event! - cf. 2Pe 3:10-14
    [With that in mind, let's use this opportunity to take a closer look at this parable Jesus taught...]



    1. Ten virgins go out with lamps to await the arrival of the bridegroom - Mt 25:1-4
    a. Five foolish virgins take no oil
    b. Five wise virgins take extra oil
    2. The bridegroom is delayed in his coming - Mt 25:5
    3. The bridegroom's arrival is announced, and the virgins trim their lamps - Mt 25:6-7
    4. The foolish virgins find that their oil is running out - Mt 25:7-9
    a. They plead with the wise virgins to share their oil
    b. But the wise virgins refuse, saying there is not enough
    5. As the foolish virgins go to get some oil, the bridegroom comes and those prepared go in with him to the wedding, and the door is shut - Mt 25:10
    6. The foolish virgins then arrive, but they are not allowed in - Mt 25:11-12
    7. Jesus then makes the application - Mt 25:13


    1. The main message is quite clear, as evident from:
    a. Jesus' comments leading up to this parable - cf. Mt 24:42-46
    b. Jesus' comment at the end of the parable itself - Mt 25:13
    1) There is the need for constant watchfulness
    2) For no one knows the moment when the Lord is coming!
    2. As worded in Hendriksen's commentary, "...the need of being prepared at all times for the coming of the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ."

    3. This message is repeated later on in the New Testament...
    a. By Paul, writing to the Thessalonians - 1Th 5:1-6
    b. By Peter, to the Christians in Asia Minor - 2Pe 3:10-12
    c. By Jesus, to the church at Sardis - Re 3:2-3
    [Not knowing the day or hour of His coming, we must be always be ready...this is the basic message of the parable. But what else can we glean from this parable?]



    1. Some are wise
    a. They diligently prepare themselves for the Master's coming, heeding the call to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord - 2Pe 3:18; 1:5-8
    b. Knowing what is to come, they "look" for it and live accordingly - 2Pe 3:11-14
    c. For them, the coming of the Lord will be a blessing! - 2 Pe 1:10-11
    2. Some are foolish
    a. They know the Lord is coming, but they are not prepared
    b. They may even be like that evil servant who says "My master is delaying his coming", and act accordingly - cf. Mt 24:48-49
    c. Yet Jesus has warned what will happen to such evil servants - Mt 24:50-51
    -- Are we like the wise virgins, or the foolish ones?


    1. Note that the foolish virgins did have "some" oil - Mt 25:8
    2. So they had made some preparation, but foolishly trusted in what they had done in the past
    3. Neither should we "rest on our laurels", but have the attitude of Paul - Php 3:12-15

    -- Are you foolishly depending upon what you have done in the past?


    1. The wise virgins could not share their oil with the foolish virgins - Mt 25:9
    2. Nor can we impart what salvation we have received to someone else (they must receive it from the Lord Himself) - cf. Ps 49:7; Pr 9:12
    3. Do not think that we can be "saved by association"
    a. It did not work for the Jews - cf. Jer 7:4-7
    b. Neither will it work for us; each of us must have our own name in the Book of Life - cf. Re 20:12-15
    -- Are you foolishly trusting in your relationship with someone else for your salvation (a parent, a spouse, a church, etc.)?


    1. Despite their pleas, the foolish virgins were not permitted to the wedding - Mt 25:10-12
    2. When the Lord comes again, the time for salvation is gone!

    [Each of these points is related to the main message of the parable: the need to be prepared at all times for the coming of Christ. In view of this great need, here are some thoughts on...]


    1. Be careful not to let this world to pre-occupy you - Lk 21:34-35
    a. Through its worldly lusts
    b. Through its worldly concerns
    2. Be steadfast in prayer - Lk 21:36
    a. For in prayer we naturally maintain an attitude of watchfulness (which is a mark of preparation) - cf. Ep 6:18
    b. For in prayer we can assure that we will be counted worthy as we confess our sins - cf. 1Jn 1:9
    3. Be diligent to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ - 2Pe 3:18
    a. As defined in 2Pe 1:5-8
    b. The blessings of which are described in 2Pe 1:10-11

    1. This parable teaches that a great day is coming, a day in which those in the kingdom today will find themselves in two different groups...
    a. Those who prepared themselves and faithfully watched for His coming
    b. Those who were not prepared, to whom they will hear the Lord say:
    "Assuredly, I say to you, I do not know you."

    2. Dear brother or sister in Christ, if the Lord were to come today...
    a. Would He find you watching?
    b. Would He find you prepared?
    -- Would He even know you? - cf. Mt 7:21-23

    "Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming." (Mt 25:13)

  2. five where wise, five where foolish. five had the door shut on them and told i never knew you.

    thats 50 percent of the "body" in this parable.

    keep your lamps burning/live ready.

    also look up the greek word for trimmed in 25:7
  3. All ten were sound asleep, who woke them? I have my own idea but curious about what others think.
  4. i always thought that was talking about like when Jesus went to pray and told his disiples to pray so temptation wont come on them. but when He returned He found them "sleeping" physically yes. but spiritually thier lamps went out. thats why we need enough oil.

    my 2 cents.
  5. Having some difficulty here figuring out how that pertains to my question? Can you help me out?:wink:

  6. I would say shout of Archangel Michael.

    Do you have a different idea?
  7. upon rereading you question im not sure it does pertain to it. sorry about that. i was deep in thought and now cant seem to find the same the time i had a valid reason. maybe just not to your question. i tend to think fast and leave parts out. if it comes back to me i will update you.
  8. NP Eddie, seems we have something in common, eh Coconut.:shade:

  9. You had me worried you could see something I was too blind to see, stop that!
  10. Hello chad, im a bit confused, at first it sounds as if your saying the 5 unwise virgins are believers that arent watching but then when you say the 5 wise cant give the 5 unwise their salvation makes it seem as if their unbelievers and not just unwise?
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  11. Agreed..... we can see this in Rev 14:14-15.... we see the angel come from the Father in the temple to tell jesus it is time to gather believers (16) and unbelievers (17) we also see this in daniel 12:1-2...

    In daniel 11:43 we see gog (islam chase the western antichrist armies - 44 china from the east and russia from north coming to valley of dicision for war.... we see at this time the book of life is opened... so then we go back to rev 14:19-20 and see the rapture happened and then those great armies meeting in daniel and the result in Rev 14:20
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  12. It's a good thing to see you have the rapture placed in Revelation 14. It's surprising how many people don't.

    The only reason people say the 200 million are from China is because they almost have that many people in their military. I see the 200 mill as demon possessed Jihadist.

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