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Willow Creek

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I joind a big summit this week-end. Big screen teaching from willow-creek. I was the beginning of a global summit for christian leades all over the world. I was exiting, even most of the teaching not was alive. I learn a lot.
thats sounds really cool...
i´ve been to a willow creek congress once that was really cool
and i learned heaps....
god bless
Hi, unknown one,

Willow Creek is interesting, but read one time something of Erwin Mc.Manus, the leader of Mosaik, it'll amaze you, how living in Christ can be actually life-changing! It's the next step of the new generation!

:love: yeah I have been to Willow Creek Community Church before. .. in Chicago . . .and worked with the German "Willow" office for the last 3 years. . .they have come a long way . .. learned a lot and share a lot. ..im thankful for their service and pray God bless their outreach :love:
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