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willie wonka

yea? well, ive read the books.. an ive seen the trailers 4 it, but i didnt think tt willie wonka looked nething like i pictured him from the books.. but ill prob go c it wen it comes out newayz.. thanx 4 da review!! lol
Yeah i tto have read the book and yeah i dunno... anythign about the movie so yeah...

Love Simon!!!
its so weird...i totally expected people to talk about this movie like harry potter and say how wrong it is. Why is this movie ok but harry potter is wrong? Is it the casting spells and things? Just curious :)
Staff Member
I hven't seen this movie but look at what Scripture says and compare it to what you see. You will find your answer in GOD.
Well. when you look at it. Spell casting and all that stuff is related with Witchcraft and Wizardry and stuff liek that right?? well all that sort of stuff was Created by Satan, to trick people into believe that it is all good and things liek that and draw them away from God when Spells were beign created to kill and things like that so yes people woudl have moved away from God and killed them selves with Spells and witchcraft just liek what Satan woudl wat...

beign in a fantasy world of Chocolate. isnt that every mothers dream? lol to be surrounded by chocolate i guess that this movie woudl be represtenting, god vibs over killign and things liek that.. :):) so you see where i am comming from??

Love Simon!!!