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Will Their Be Adrenaline in Heaven?

Staff Member
There is an addiction, which is all too prevalent in our society. It doesn't involve illicit drugs or alcohol. It has to do with a chemical manufactured by our bodies. That chemical is adrenaline.

Workaholics get an adrenaline high from meeting pressure on the job. We experience the euphoria of adrenaline overdose in sky diving, bungee jumping, skiing and the like. Basketball games afford us the opportunity to get pumped. Unfortunately, too many Christians make the mistake of confusing the euphoric lift of adrenaline with the Holy Spirit. They mistakenly think if they don‚t get pumped up at church the Spirit is absent. Others go to church on Sunday morning while coming off the adrenaline highs of the week. They are going through withdrawal. Coming off the chemical makes them depressed. These folks often blame the church for how they feel. I wonder if there will be adrenaline in heaven. What do you think? To be fit for heaven, we will be given new bodies, spiritual bodies, bodies fit for the spiritual world. We have bodies fit for the physical world now. Adrenaline is a hormone that prepares our physical bodies for fight or flight. Our senses are peaked, our energies are focused; thus we can fight for our lives or run for all we are worth. But we will never have to do that in heaven.