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wife could not have kids ,but did

My wife awoke one night crying .it woke me up .I said honey ,what is wrong ?She said she wanted to have kids ,but I was too old .I said men do not get too old .But you were mistreated as a child and no one in your family has kids .The problem is with you .I prayed under my breath .I ask the LORD to give her a child .HE said no .I said ,but LORd ,she has had a bad life .HE said no .I said LORD ,will YOU do it for me ?HE said yes .So I told her to get on her knees and ask HIm into her heart .She did .Then I told her to ask the LORd too put LOVE in her heart for her dad .She said no .I want him dead .I said forget it then .HE will not deal with you .She said do I have too ?I said if you want a child .She went to her knees and did this .Then I said ,get on your knees once more .Ask HIM for a child ,tell HIm you will raise it in spirit and TRUTh and HE is seeking those on the earth .After she said ,What will happen now ?I said you will have a man child .He will be a special man .Did you want a girl ?She said I want anything .I said every woman in the bible who ask for a child ,got a boy .because GOD counts a man highter in the flesh than a woman .But in the spirit we are the same .Then we had our son daniel .When born the nurse was putting him on the scale ,the doctor yelled at her and she dropped him .he died .They worked for about 20 minutes on him .then gave up .left him dead on the scale .We were praying for the boy .then his spirit returned to his body and he sceamed .the nurses ran back .They weighed him and bought him to my wifes room .Then left .He turned over on his belly .Just a little of ,his mouth showing .the nurse came back .I ask her ?Can he breath like that ok ?She said yes but you turned him over .I said ,no I did not .I would not ,knowing he was with out air so long .But she never did believe me .Now he is 11 and very smart and a nice kid .he was given a 3 on his gap score which ,I think is worse than retarded ?But he is not by the grace of GOD almighty .