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Wieght Loss buddy wanted

Staff Member
I can help. First, we'll start off by removing the :roll: and replacing it with :D . If you know your good Lord is there to help you take care of "the temple" then your faith should guide you to success. Start off with your doctor's recommendation or a dietrician (those are useful friends). I recommend personally eating healthy of course (salads, no/low carbs, lean meat, no junk food, etc.) and start off by walking/jogging/running as much as you can COMFORTABLY each day, slowly progressing.

Remember, procastination, doubt and distress doesn't fit into the health game. Faith, motivation and effort come together to help you succeed with the help of the good Lord Jesus Christ who paid for EVERYTHING on the cross including sickness and poor health.

:D If you need some helpful hints of what foods are good to eat,
or what are the fats that are good for us to eat,
what starches to stay away from, and which are ok to eat,
Just ask, i belong to the TOPS - Take Off Pounds Sensibly , weight support program.
i have learned a lot about the do's and dont's of dieting,
One of the most important factors is Water, our Bodies thrive on water, it helps flush out the bad stuff, the more we drink the better it works. :D
the lowest recommended amount is 8 - 8oz. glasses of water a day, the best way to drink it is to drink a quart of real cold water at least 30 minutes before each meal, and again before you go to bed at night, {about 2 hours Probably}.

If you have a question, ask me and i will do my best to give the right answer, :D if i just don't know i will tell you :D lol,
Oh Oh oh I want to get into shape! haha I say that and people look at me funny, because I'm little but I dont treat my body like I should. I only weigh 115 and I'm 5 4 but to me, it's not healthy because I dont eat or act healthy. So I'm here with you! Any tips will help as well.
I love kickboxing! It's lots of fun and it's a great stress release.
I got some VHS tapes on eBay for like 5 bucks each.
Billy Blanks is good and he's a Christian too!
I also ride a bike, jog and lift weights.
I lost 14 pounds on the low carb diet craze and I have a lot more energy to work out.
Too many carbs can make you feel tired and sick.
Amie :D
Staff Member
God Bless you Amie. My mom lost 60lbs in about 6 months. Pretty amazing I must say. She doesn't kickbox though :p
I'm not sure but I think that was an age related insult. Comparing me to your mother...
I'm just kidding. Chad.
I just had a birthday recently and I've been a little age conscious lately :wink:
Don't mind my silly sense of humor. :D
It's not about the weight.

Perhaps the empasis should be change. Let's look at what we need to do to change our life style. We all know that an active life and a life of eating rights brings about the blessing.

If we know what we are doing to our bodies and the impact that eating wrong has on our bodies, then motivation can be found in knowing that a pay back is waiting for us as we stay healthy.

Look at my nine steps to losing weight at [edited by Yeshua: links used only with permission] :love:
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My wife has lost 96 pounds since March 2004, using Weight Watchers combined with walking (which she now has switched to jogging). She has gone from being over 300 pounds to running her first 5k race just two weeks ago! Yes, you might be able to tell I'm just a little proud of her. She still has about 60 more to lose to reach her goal weight, which should be sometime later this year. If you want to know any tips she could give let me know, I should be able to get her on here to respond.

Also, I have seen her go through so many other weight loss attempts in the past before finally succeeding with this one. She is living proof that it CAN BE DONE, with the right amount of determination. One thing she has done, and this is what has made it work: she has not cut corners one bit, has stuck with the food/point system that Weight Watchers uses every single day. She has seen others on the system fail, and every time is because of them 'cheating' in not counting up points on things they eat.
i'm with you the whole way there!!!!! you can start off by running/jogging/walking! then also jump rope, eat smart, and excercise daily!

I just started going to see a nutritional doctor . Right now he is doing a complete body cleanse . Drinking a gallon of distilled water , with 4 ounces of pure lemon juice a day . Next is the intestinal cleanse . Yuck . I am not looking foreward to it but I will keep you informed as to the results . I have thyroid disease , and he promises me I will be able to lose wieght on this program ! I hope so . Brother
I've been on a weight loss rollercoaster since August of 2004 when I realized that I was just letting myself go and was not at all happy or healthy. I got one of those stability balls and a cheap DVD from Best Buy and started working out, slowly but surely. I started out with just like 25 minutes every other day. I got lazy there for awhile, but didn't let myself go too long without working out. Eventually I ended up with 3 different DVD's and started mixing them up every night I was doing something different. I added a cardio/circuit training into the mix around the beginning of the year, and as of February 4th, I have lost 17 pounds. And in the last month alone, I have lost 13.25 inches total!! I am now working out 6 days a week for at least 60 minutes each time, and I actually feel guilty if I don't do something, even on my rest day, Sunday. I prayed that God would keep me motivated and help me to stay on track with this, and it has been wonderful! I feel SO much better. I still have about 13 more to lose to reach my goal, I am in my best friend's wedding in July and would like to reach it by then. I have definitely made a better lifestyle for myself and feel much better about how and what I'm eating. I know that if it is God's will, it will happen. I would most definitely like to offer up my support to anyone wanting/needing to lose weight. I know how hard it is and I would like to help as much as I can. :)

Tar Hollow Camper- Congrats to your wife for losing all that weight! That is awesome! Good for her! Tell her good luck for the rest of it!

Good Luck to you all and God Bless <><

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Jesus is Lord!

PowerofPurpose, fun!

I have studied both of the terms (power and purpose). Why did you select these terms for your title?
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Always love to help in weight loss gimme a shout if you need to chat or just a bit of a push xxx