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why we cant say 'Jesus'?

when a lot people meet sth superising them, they will response automatically 'Jesus!' I heard from sb. that it is not good. we shouldn't do that.
just saying Jesus's name
some people also say ' Oh, my God' why tha is ok
i think the two expression are the same.:confused:
Staff Member
I believe generally when people are shocked by something or surprised, its a natural (for whatever reason I do not know) reaction or expression. I do think it is wrong when they say "oh my god" or "jesus christ" or anything like that mixed with swearing (of course)...if they are expressing something that is immoral but they like it (i.e. a man sees a "hot chick" and says "oh my god!"). Now, if you are watching news (and your a Christian) and you see lets say a news report on a bomb going off (Lebanon recently for example). You look and are shocked by the devastation, you are surprised and you say "oh my GOD". Well, being a Christian I guess (or so) this is ok and not some direct insult to GOD like the above lust example.

Maybe I am wrong. However, GOD knows what we mean all the time as He knows our hearts.
I believe we should not use the name of Jesus unless we are thinking of Jesus when we say it. Same with God. Many people say Jesus and God without knowing that they are talking about Someone who is real. Most do not do it to offend most do it out of ignorance. They have simply got used to using his name as a term of expression without realizing what they are really saying.

All Praise The Ancient Of Days