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why suicide?

i haerd a statement made by one of my christian friends and i found it quite true.

she said:peopel commit suicide becuase people dont listen to them or the other persons problem is always "bigger" than theirs. for example i am feeling lonely and i go talk to my brother and then he will tell me all his problems and tell me that mine are nothing compared to his. rubbish! peoples problems are always the same some just experiance it on a greater scale
and when i heard what she was saying i actuallyunder stood and i thought i would just like to post it.
yours in Christ,
vlooi :love:
Staff Member
Amen sister. We need to be of good ears and good cheer to everyone around us. We need to be selfless and give them time to express and us express the love of Christ available to them.

GOD is awesome. If we seek wisdom, it will heal all things through love in Jesus Christ.

There is nothing that GOD can't do to help the needy and desperate. I was one long ago.
i showed my freind who told me that and she told me that i shouldnt rip her off. but she was joking........lol
have a blessed day!
That's the truth. I was suicidal five years ago and everything was going south. Hardly anybody wanted to hear me. Those who did didn't want to hear me for long.
my friend is still on my back about it (but she says she s joking now) ok but ill still post this. thank you all for your replies!
There seems to be a common thing when someone expresses a wish to die and that is to try and talk them out of it by minimising their problems rather than taking the time to listen to them. I think its important to take the time to actually listen to somoene, as I have said to at least ne friend, 'Come see me if it gets that bad, I'd rather sit up all night with you feeding you chocalate, than comming to see you in hospital, or even worse your funeral"

That said I remeber one person who used suicide and self harm as a means of getting attention. And while that wasnt a healthy thing, there ended up being nothing I could do, because she would ring me and try to illict a promise out of me not to tell anyonw what she was going to do, and then would get angry when I did exactly what she wanted and told someone. While I wasnt a christian at the time I was glad when she decided to end the friendship