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Why praying for all of the sick at hospital is scripturaly unsound

Ever feel the urge when at hospital to stand up and start preaching? Laying hands on all the sick and trusting God to heal them all?

I believe we have all felt this urge. Yet rather then support our urges, I believe the Holy Spirit restrains us.

It is a confusing feeling for many a devout young Christian. On one hand we are pumped up Holy Spirit filled Christians looking for a challenge and place to put our faith in God's power to the test. What better place then at a hospital.

But on the other hand, no matter how much faith we have, it just does not gel with the Holy Spirit and we ''just'' somehow know that should we do such, we will be doing it alone. The Holy Spirit will stay seated in the seat we jump up from to start preaching and laying hands on all.

Why is that exactly?

I believe the answer is so simple. Understanding God can be confusing but it can also be terribly simple. Once we understand that God is the epitome of good Psalm 136:1 and that therefore free will be a true reality, it all makes perfect sense.

God does not want us to pray for the sick at hospital as that will be over-riding everyone's free will for them to come to Him for healing. Rather, a better approach would be to politely approach individuals, tell them you are a Christian lead by Jesus to pray for them. Giving them the opportunity to say yes or no......to JESUS healing them.

See, when asking, thanking and prayer to ''Jesus'' accompanies ''miraculous'' healing, people will reject your request to heal them. Everyone wants miraculous healing, not many want Jesus.

People touched Jesus for healing Matt 9:20-22, people touched Jesus through His disciple, Peter's ''shadow'' Acts 5:15. If any person did not make the effort to reach out to Jesus, there was never any healing of any kind whatsoever.

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