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Why not start a new prayer group?

Hey Chad can we start a new prayer group, a group #4? I want to be in a prayer group and so, I haven't seen new posts or anything here so I'm just wondering. Thanks, God bless you
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That has stopped long ago. I started that when Talk Jesus first began 2 years ago. It was to encourage people to be active on the site, along with of course the joy of praying to our Heavenly Father.

But now, it is just very active by itself praise GOD for this. A lot of people are posting prayer requests and others replying with responses and prayers. It works out well this way and easier :)
lol, well ok, lol, that's so funny. I guess i wasn't around. oh well. but it was a good idea. I was just wondering cuz i haven't heard a reply on here for a long time. Well ok, God bless you, bye