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Why is church so dull?

Discussion in 'Seeking Jesus' started by lifestalent, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. There seems to be a disconnect with my church and the lives of real people, I don't see a connection with the ideal's of the old saints and today's church.
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  2. Speak out in church about your misgivings. Don't these people deserve your honesty?
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  3. Already done, but Tuesday night bible study is when my pastor transforms into superbible guy. So I don't know it's a win/lose situation.
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  4. What's a superbible guy?

    I wouldn't speak out in church. That's disruptive and you're not likely to be heard or paid attention to in so much as you'll be told to quiet down.
    Ask to have a private meeting with your pastor. Tell them it is a spiritual matter and see if they'll schedule.

    Also, if you don't find your passion for God fulfilled in your current church why not take a walk on your church day, Sunday or whichever day you attend the church service.
    Go somewhere you can be in a natural environment undisturbed by the noise of electronic media. A park. A woods. Take your bible. All is God. Find your connection.You can always pray and ask your true high priest Jesus Christ for council too.

    God bless your journey.
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  5. Each minister called by God has a job to do and is held accountable as to how well he performed with what he is given. The ones who are receiving or are supposed to be receiving are also held accountable for what they did with what they received. We cannot blame the ministers for the shortcomings of the flock nor can we blame the flock for the shortcomings of the ministers. This is why the One to whom a person must account ultimately is God, no matter what part we are given to perform.

    To be clear you might want to be more careful about what you call "my church". The Church in the end is the people, is it not, rather than some particular assembly or group of assemblies? Within any assembly or groups of assemblies is it not very likely that there are some "tares" or "chaff" in the mix still?
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  6. YES!
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