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Why I have come here

I want to share with you my reasons for coming here .

If you view my profile you will see that I found christ when I was a child in 1979.

Yes I found him , but along the way I also lost him, at the end of this you will say that I never lost him at all and that he has always been there .

I have never been a church goer apart from when I attended a place called Gospel Hall as a child on a sunday afternoon , One day I remember a man praying over me and asked me if I welcomed Jesus in my heart , I did with one eye open thinking he was going to appear at any moment . He didnt (hehe) but upon walking home I remember feeling as light as a feather and absolute excitement filled me I walked into my house and told my mum and dad that I had just welcomed Jesus into my heart , Dad scoffed and mum was very pleased .

I remember up until being an unruly teenager that he was with me in my thoughts, and this might sound strange but as a voice in my head guiding me .

I hit the teenage years and forgot about him , there was no more voices and I did my own thing .

I became a life long friend to a christian friend of mine when we were 22 and many a time I would debate the bible and try and find a logical answer against the bible , she took me to her church and I did the ALPHA course I remember praying for god to come back to me.......nothing........ I didnt feel anything at the end of this course we all went to a religious retreat for a week end , I opted out and chose to go on the sunday only .. In the afternoon everyone went into a room and prayers over people were being said , people were collapsing going into hysterics I sat on an armchair watching what was going on and thinking get me out of here , this is too weird , these people are strange . My christian friend tried to explain all about the holy spirit and I said sorry babe this is not for me Im not going again and never went back . I found my self looking for answers against rather than for up until the events in London on July 7th this year when the terrorists bombed our capital.

My whole outlook has been changed these past few months I have started to question Islam/christianity I must stress not in an ignorant or rude way My bible has now been re-opened and find my self for the first time in my life actually understanding its meaning and find my faith is coming back , passages make complete and total sense , I find myself defending jesus and all that he stood for . So I dont think he left me afterall
thanks for sharin your little story.....
sometimes i have the the feeling that god is leaving my side..
but usally i pray and then i have the feeling he is there...(kinda weird..but yeah)
god bless
Tracy, Glad you are with us here to fellowship. Funny how we think He has left us when we walk away from Him, but as you are discovering He doesn't leave. He hides the Word in our hearts like He has with you. Praise God that passages are alive now giving you life.
God bless you.
Tracy, it's true he never left you. He just stood quietly by knocking gently on your heart until you were ready to seek him. I hope all of us at Talk Jesus can help you in your search for the truth. Hope to get to know you better. I have been walking with Him for 21 years. I welcome you here to TJ.

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox :girl:

Staff Member
Welcome to Talk Jesus and welcome back to the body of Christ as well! God bless you sister Tracy. Thank you for joining us here. Your walk with GOD will grow with the help of the members here.


Great! Thats what he said in His word : " I will never leave you nor forsake you!". Praise and thanks be to Him.
Welcome to talk Jesus Tracy. And thanks for sharing your story, in a way you have kinda insired me. God bless
Stay Real