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Why Does The Lord Allow The Devil To Test Us?

Discussion in 'Devotionals' started by Zulu, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. God protects His children, but has anything bad ever happened to you since you've been saved? Has the Lord ever let the Enemy touch you in some way through an accident, affliction, mistake or trouble? "Not a hair of your head falls except the Father knoweth it!" (Mat.10:30; Lk.21:18)--But He does allow it sometimes!

    Look at what happened to Job! Was it his fault? Had he sinned? No.--It happened because the Devil asked God if he could test & tempt Job to see if he could break him & make him deny the Lord! The Lord let him take away all Job's wealth, then his family, & finally his health. It was all a test, perpetrated by the Devil but allowed by the Lord in order to show that Job really loved Him in spite of it all!

    The Lord will not allow us to be tempted above that which we are able to bear. (1Cor.10:13) He doesn't let the Devil give us more than we can take, but He does let him test our faith to see if we'll really flee to the Lord & quote His Word & take a stand of faith. It's one way the Lord has of trying to keep you close to Him, constantly dependent upon Him & His protection!--And when we pass the test, God always delivers us!--Like He did Job!
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    Amen, Zulu. This thread speaks tons of truth in a small 3-paragraph package.

    One of the hardest trials that the Lord has allowed in my life is the loss of my oldest son, Bryce. No, he didn't pass away, but he was taken unlawfully 1200 miles away from me. He was only 13.

    No one did anything about it. My lawyer. The judge. The people in this town. No one cared. But God cared. And for some reason, God allowed it. It seemed like it was beyond what I could bear.

    People, mainly Christians, figured I had lost my son due to negligent parenting or some kind of mental problems. But that wasn't true. I was raising him in the Lord. Not a perfect mom, but a godly mom.

    Yet God allowed this to happen. For 6 years, I have only seen Bryce when my mother died, (for the funeral) when my brother broke his ribs (so that I could go to Penn. and help my brother) and the other 3 times that I have spent money to have Bryce flown to Tennessee. That's all I have seen him. Five times in 6 years.

    Sometimes I think I would have died for him. I wanted his life to be easy. I hurt for all the pain he was going through. My first child, the apple of my eye. Yet I had to remember, God allowed this to happen for His own reason.

    This son is visiting this week. But tomorrow he will go back to Pennsylvania. But maybe he will decide to live in Tennessee after all. Maybe, just maybe, if it is God's will.

    You know, often the Lord allows us to go through things simply so we will have compassion for others. In my case, I will be opening and directing a halfway house for jail inmates, within the next few years.

    Now: in a halfway house setting, it will be impossible for the mothers to have their children living with them. Jail inmates lose custody of their children while they are incarcerated. Usually a grandparent raises the child during her jail time, or if her boyfriend or husband is not incarcerated, he might be raising the children.

    So during her halfway house time, she will be learning to stay drug-free, alcohol-free, and Christ-centered. And her children will remain in the custody of the person who kept children while she was in jail. There will be visits allowed, but they won't be long and drawn out.

    Of all people, I will understand these mothers and be able to cry with them and pray with them. I know exactly how it feels to be separated from your child.

    So you see, God has reasons for the things He allows in our lives.
  3. You are so blessed Sister. I just wonder what I wil do to loose one of my offsrings don't matter which way it would be. I will go cranky
  4. You bet!

    When I first became a Christian, I heard a lovely semon on prayer. Inspired, I prayed 1) for a vacation, 2) my job promotion was much too physically active for me to do, 3) I wanted enough money to go to Bible College, 4) just so I had something unselfish, that my mother would be saved.

    I left church feeling really good.

    I woke up in the hospital three days later, having been run over by a car.

    I asked what am I doing here?

    God (or an angel) replied: "You are on your vacation."


    "Now you don't have to worry about work anymore do you?"

    Just then a lawyer came in and congratulated me since I would get lots of money from this.

    "Would I get enough to go to Bible School?"


    "Hmm. That only leaves Mother."

    "Huh? Your Mother? Oh, she's out in the hall talking to your pastor. I think he is converting her."

    So God answered all four prayers, but He did it by sticking me in and out of the hospital for three years. Close enough?
  5. Dreamer,

    Your story brings tears to my eyes...

    I Pray that God will bless and use you, that His compassion would shine through you.

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