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Why do you, as " A True Child of GOD, read your Bible? No wrong answer here, But why?

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Well, for me: I just fell in love with it, after the Holy Spirit came upon me [in me] and its pages came alive and so filled me with over coming joy. It felt like the "Honey oil" from Heaven would pour and cover my heart, The more i would read, the more the "Anointing Oil" would pour, such joy that was inexpressible. It also would seem, like the Brightness of HIS existence was express in HIS WORD. The Joy of HIS presence was found between those pages. Excitement was in the written word about Him and not in a church settings, churches setting was mostly emotions of feelings, But The written WORD was GOD, in expressible.

It felt better than Sex!!!!! How could this be. And the Bible was the fuel that kept this compulsion going!!! Ain't no way in the world. I'm going stop this!
My wife thought i had lost my mind, i didn't want no sex! I wanted more of The WORD!!!!! So now i know, what drove the Reformers!!!! and The Apostles, who could lay down their lives!!!! Talking about power to witness no matter what!!!!! Who could not refuse to march in His name! But i did notice the less I read the weaker i felt the JOY and Power of the Holy Ghost! I figured, i guess you got to fill up with the WORD and obey to be filled in the SPIRIT of GOD! Because i did notice a lot of Christians was not on FIRE! I sure did not what that! because i like this!!!!!!! talking about "cold and luke warm". but at church, they were like "puppets on a puppeteers" strings. The preacher tells them to say Amen, they say Amen. The leaders tells them to pray, they pray. The leaders tell them to sing, they sing, The leaders tell tell them close their eyes, they close their eyes. Something just didn't feel right, Maybe because i was "born from above" at work and I sure wasn't following or hearing a preacher or institutional church. But hearing about "The Holy GHOST" from regular people at work how it had come upon them, And all the years they had been going to the church and thought they were saved and thought they had it. Come to find out they didn't. Until one day it just drop down on them.

Now that is partial why i read my Bible. To stay filled, The whole ARMOR! And keep my sword sharp, food for my Spirit, bread of life for my spirit, water of life for my Spiritual life, for it is bread indeed, it is a deep well i draw my water from. and when i come up short in my spiritual life, and spiritual sickness infects me, it is a medicine that heals my spiritual being and regulates my spiritual mind when i have been wounded by a spiritual enemy it heals me and comforts me and corrects me, convicts me, that i may confess and "Repent" of my spiritual dis-obedience, because He loves me and never leaves me, and because " I am" His and His alone and He wants me to walk in the fullness of His joy!
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