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why do jesus allow divorse?

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According to the word he doesn't allow Divorce and is still considered a sin by a lot of christians but he also doesn't allow his children to suffer.
When he gives someone to someone in marriage he wants them to live a happy and pleasing life in god putting him as a center of their life and family, however once they are married a lot of problems seep in and most of the couples fail to live a life thats pleasing to god. for some it may be sinful life for some it may be something else but god does allow divorce some situations where he doesn't want his children to suffer. when its his will for divorce he often has a better plan for their life as well.
Most of the times its people that want divorce and not asking god jump into it and get seperated. And these are the type of marriages that people have hurriedly jumped into without checking the will of god about the person.
I believe when its god will to bring together he will be involved in everything be it togetherness, seperation or divorce. Most often he is not involved in a divorce. If he has bought a couple together he has plans for their ups and downs. If he doesn't want them together he will let them know. These are just my personal thoughts and experiences. Not theological in anyway.