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Why do i always want to argue?

I know arguing w/ your parents is bad but 4 some reason i always want to do it! I mean it gets on my nerves i have to have the last word.I dont even know why! please help give me something to keep me from wanting to say something back its hurting my moms feelings and i just cant help it!


oh my gosh do i understand.
i ran away from home about a month ago and now im living with my grandparents//why? because my father drives me up the wall!! We speak two diffrent languages or something he has to fight with me about EVERYTHING and it started making me sick so i left.
I found that i have some resentment towards my dad because i am how i am today because of god as far as im concered God raised me cuz my parents werent there and now i have to be someone else around them because they wouldnt approve of who i am if they knew me and their so convinced they do.
So i would say that since i myself come from a family where they LOVE to argue and fight that there is probably something that makes you like to be over you mom...like...in control. I would suggest that you try and figure out what it is and talk it over with her cuz its not right for you to have this damper on your relationship with your mom. And also pray for god to take any resentment or bitterness about her away and have him lead you and direct you.
The bible tells us that if we aknowlege god in all your ways he will direct your path.
Hi cheer. . i am a mommy
You must be almost 17, correct? Well, i have a 16 year old and a 15 year old daughter, and I think it is part of your character building. . .whenever you try to walk out of discussions with the last word in your mouth. . it is something about strengh for the future and helps you get along in school and further discussions in college or workplaces. ..
So, really, it CAN be a good thing, as long as it is a clean discussion or a clean fight about different opinions. . .
I would feel hurt as a mom, if you are constantly trying to fight me for whatever and anytime just to be right, just to put me down and gain control over the household, just because you are sooooo grown up. . .
That would be a bad thing!
Maybe you can sort out the kind of How you do it. . .What for. .. And when. . .
And learn to keep your mouth shut, whenever this situation comes along:
"If you can't say something nice. . . don't say nothing at all!" (not a bible verse)
Maybe this will help, my daughter said: Screaming in a pillow helps
Or a diary or journal online???
Keep updating us. . . and Andrea: Thanks for being by her side in this matter :love:
Wow thanks you guys! its nothing that big like running away or anything its just irratating! I know i will always love no matter what! I am fixing to be 13 on april 23!
almost a teen thanks for the advice and ill get back to yall l8er!

Hey Brooke its Emily! I know what you mean, im like that too, one thing i try to do is every morning and night pray to be strong and respect the wonderful parents God gave you! your parents are awesome! but like all parents, they get annoying (not reffering to your parents from my experience) Just remember, some lessons are taught through difficult situations. im the same way, and most of the time i just close my eyes and tell myself, to breathe and just listen! hope i helped!
(and if you let out your anger in the shower, it all goes down the drain! lol)

Love ya bunches! see ya at school!
In Him ><>

After every S T O R M,
There's a R A I N B O W!
(and if you let out your anger in the shower, it all goes down the drain! lol)

LOL Emily. . . I will pass this one to my daughter. . .she will probably like that one, too!

wjhcheer8. . . 13? from '88? hmmm. . .ok!
anyway. . . write us some good stuff too. . . somebody on this page told me:
Count your blessings. . .you will start to forget the rest!
Life can still be reeeeeeeeeally long with 13
If both sides will work on this (what you do have to practice in EVERY relationship) then at least you all with enjoy life living together more. ..
God bless you for coming out and asking for help and guidance. . .you could sit in the corner and pout
So, come and join us, as much as you can :love:
Hey Im 16 and I know what you mean...The last year I was also arguing with my mom
about almost everything....But if you both work on it it will get better
Now my mom and me dont argue all the time and about everthing because we both worked on it
I love reading a teens perspective!

No worries girls, you are all perfectly normal teens... :confused:

My daughter is 17...she`s been picking daisies...(anyone know what that means?)

But ...ow...am I allowed to feel jest a little sorry for your moms?


You got some fine advice here! :love:
Hi, well I guess I should introduce myself before I begin. I'm new here, as of today, and a child of God! He is miraculous isn't he? I too, fight with my mom, it's our human nature to do so. I struggle with it constantly, and I want so much to stop. God helped me realize something important with that earlier. What comes out of my mouth ( or likewise, what's typed by my hands) should always be helpful and encouraging like Jesus himself. I ask God to help me guard my mouth, and it seems he's happy to duck-tape it now and then! It says in the Bible that our mouths are sparks that light a great fire, and that we should honor our parents. I agree with that, my mouth gets me in trouble more times than it's worth! Mother's and daughter's are there to encourage one while the other's down. What I always think of when I'm about to blow a gasket is this, what will it do? It feels great for a minute, but then it makes me feel awful and guilty, and it only hurts somebody. My pride isn't worth it. It's hard, but we can do it with God's help! Thank goodness he died. Love in Christ Jesus,
Sissy J.
Good year comin up

sunset89 said:
Hey Im 16 and I know what you mean...The last year I was also arguing with my mom
about almost everything....But if you both work on it it will get better
Now my mom and me dont argue all the time and about everthing because we both worked on it

Thanks sunset :love: gives me great hope for the future
Love ya :thumbs_up
Do you know? There really is nothing like love.

When we look at the other person. When we see them as real people and not just someone filling up space in the house we do not want to hurt them. If we really look at someone when he is present and really hear someone when he talking then our hearts have opportunity to respond in love and kindness. When our minds are constantly on ourselves then it is selfishess and the flesh. Galations 6 tells us that if we keep sowing to the flesh we will reap corruption.

I just think of love. When we love people, including our family then we see and hear them as real souls not just as how they are affecting us. God would have his Spirit to be big in teens as well as adults. It may be normal to want to expand and grow and be independent but it is not Godly normal to be selfish and looking only to the self. We have Daniel and Timothy and many others in Biblical and Christian history to show us that there can be loving respectful relations between teens and parents. It takes humility, the ground of all graces.

God's blessings...........