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Why didn't God come down as a female?

Discussion in 'Water Cooler' started by LordKnows, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. I just began wondering this thought. We all know that God descended down to earth as a male. But why wasn't he born female?

    I was just wondering... I know some of you have some very understandable reasons.
  2. It's interesting... God is always called the Father or the Son (of course the Spirit.
    but never in the Bible is God called the Mother or the daughter. Some say this was
    because some of the nouns in Hebrew aren't gender specific. Perhaps some aren't,
    but others are. Also this argument doesn't really work against the Greek (new testament)
    because everything is very gender specific.

    Also it's interesting to note, that there are no female angels mentioned in the Bible. All
    angels are he or him. (or they). The only two named angels have masculine names (Michael
    and Gabriel).

    As near as I can tell, Eve was the first female in creation. And she was created from man. (not by man, but
    from a man's rib).
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  3. Basically, to start with and, no offense, no one would have followed a woman, also, the next thing that comes to mind is that Jesus fulfilled ancient scripture to be the Messiah and a Messiah was a male....God would have had to had changed that before he created the foundation: God is the father not the Mother and he sent his son not the daughter...the Holy Spirit created a male from a virgin. To theologically tie the Bible together, God is always referred to in the masculine tense although he has no biological body, he is spirit John 4:24 . And Jesus would have had to be male for our proper inheritance within God's Kingdom....lineage and inheritance was through the male not the female.
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  4. AWESOME replies!!! I agree with both of you. I myself can't seem to take what a woman says as opposed to mans as definite. I know it sounds a bit twisted but I'm being honest without prejudice. For me, when knowledge comes from a man it's more definite. I do need confirmation but none the less. Us women tend to let our emotions determine what we say & even feel. Men are more rational & logical (for the most part anyway).

    Gosh I really like TJ ... the conversations only get better.
  5. Well, i would say that the reasons are best known to God
  6. If we think about it we can find many.

    Example: Teaching would be against the law. The cross may be too heavy. The abuse and suffering may be of a such an inappropriate nature that nobody think much of God when reminiscing. Having that time of the month may be indicative of a part purpose of procreation. Beauty and attraction beyond a man would add unnecessary complications. Voice wouldn't carry much without a bullhorn.

    Sexism is a delicate subject. What we see as weaknesses, God sees as strengths. God created woman different. Yes, woman can become more like men, but that was never God's will for them. Likewise men.
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  7. That's very true. The biblical world was a very chauvinistic world. Women counted for nothing.
  8. The biblical world was a very chauvinistic culture. Women were considered grossly inferior to me. That's why Paul tells the women to keep silent. In contemporary theology, some of us refer to God in the feminine to emphasize the passive, empathic, receptive dimensions of God. It is interesting here to note that the Christian mystical tradition also often speaks of God as a "she."
  9. LordKnows God is not male or female, you know this....The male though is the leader of the two genders, the female is primarily a nurturer and one of Gods name is El Shaddai. or the breasted one.....That would be Gods female side...
    The Hebrew word shaddai comes from the root word 'breast'. Literally translated it would mean 'many-breasted one'.
    There are two roots for the word: first is to be powerful and second is breast or nourisher and sustainer. The O.T. uses this form 48 times.

    So God being God came as not only male but female as well.
  10. Even though Jesus did not come as a "women", but he did come by way of a women.

    Gen 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

    Gal 4:4 But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law,
  11. One would need to be fimilar with the three world ages of God's plan to kinda understand the thing about the male and female thing. In the first world age all of God's children were referred to as Sons of God. They were not in flesh bodies at that time. They were in the finer body, the body that doesn't get sick or hurt. There wasn't marriage and giving in marriage or child bearing as of this day in time. There wasn't females as we know them in this present age, this present time that we live in. This present age we live in now is known as the second world age. Only in this second world age is male and female in flesh bodies and only in this second world age is there the process of child bearing, marrying and giving in marrying. God brought this male/female thing into existence during this second world age so each soul could past through this earth age one at a time to see which ones will decide to love God or not. We are now getting close to the end of this second world, referred to as the latter days and will shortly be moving into the third world age know as the Lords Day, also know as the millinium, that one thousand year period set aside by God for the redemption of lost souls. Those that don't get it together and align themselves with God during this period will be blotted out, not even their remembrance will survive. These things are hard to explain in just a paragraph.
  12. I suppose if the Messiah was a female then people would be wondering why they weren't male.
  13. If god is a true entity it could be female, no one has seen any god, so no one knows for sure.
  14. In the culture of the day, that is true. In some islamic cultures today it is still true. But Jesus honored women. Women were the last at the cross and first at the empty tomb.

    Also Wisdom is personified as female in Proverbs.
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  15. This is really serious and humors question I think. Are you sure the God is female?
  16. Jesus was God in the flesh and He was a male.
  17. God is most likely sexless. But it is interesting that when He chose to come down to earth He chose to be a man.
  18. I was just thinking that if woman are upset that they are a weaker sex, they need to blame Adam ;). Adam asked God for you. Once you are done blaming, think about if you would prefer to not have been created in the first place?

    All sexist discussions get hilarious when people get upset about who they are. It is like a Cheetah saying it is a lion. Accept that God made you who you are, as you are and get on with life. Find peace in the knowledge that God is impartial Acts 10:34. IE God had no ill intentions toward woman or men.
  19. Did you notice? God created Adam but formed Eve, took Eve, from out of Adam? Not to be sexist but the male is the primary, The female, just as important, is the completion of the male. Am I wrong?
  20. I always thought cos it was the men that needed more help.

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