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Why did Jesus leave the land of Israel?

It is recorded in two of the Gospels that Jesus left the land of Israel at one time.
Where did He go? Who did He minister to?
aawwww!!!!! no one had a go , so I'll have to answer it myself.

Mark 7:24-31 (Matthew 15:21-28)
Jesus left the land of Israel and went to the region of Tyre after He had had another "run in" with the Pharisees and he wanted some time alone. Here he ministered to the Syropheonician (or Canaanite) woman.

This was no coincidence however. Jesus had just declared that all foods were now clean and now He was ministering to a Gentile woman!!! This story has similarities to that of Peter and his vision of food and then going to minister to Cornelius, who was a Gentile. (Acts 10:9-48)

Interestingly, this area of land should have been Israelite territory as it had been apportioned to the tribe of Asher by Joshua, however Asher had been negligent in driving out the enemy occupants. (Joshua 19:29)
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Didn't he also travel to Egypt when he was a child? Or more specifically, didn't Mary and Joseph take him to Egypt to protect him from Herod?