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Why are you surprised?

I think about scandals that come out in our world.

Sometimes it is politicians, other times it is school teachers, other times it is business people.

The news often exposes these scandals and people seem shock as to why that person broke the law. Why the politicain took the bribe, or the businessman participated in fraud, or the school teacher is sleeping with their students.

For me it's simple, very simple. This is why I'm not surprised.

If we as a society have rejected God's laws(gay marriage, prostitution legal in some states, etc) what makes us think that we will have any regard for the laws of man?

If we tell an all-powerful God, who is more than able to enforce His laws and bring judgment whenever He wants, that we will do what WE want.
What makes us think that we will obey the laws of man who are very limited in ever finding out that we committed the crime and bringing us to justice.

Society actually weakens it's on legal standing when it promotes the rejection of God's laws.

Now think about that for a moment.
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