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Why Are We Talking About Jesus?

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Coconut, Nov 27, 2005.

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    Why Are We Talking About Jesus? Because no matter what you are looking for, or what you might need, in Jesus you can find the answer.

    Are you searching for something...someone...longing for a little light to shine on your pathway?

    Do you know around 2000 years ago Jesus prayed for YOU?...a prayer thats recorded in the Holy Bible:

    "I am not praying just for these followers. I am also praying for everyone else who will have faith because of what my followers will say about me." - Jesus (Joh 17:20)

    Have you lost your health, and do you feel like all hope is lost?
    Do you want to know what Jesus has promised to YOU?

    "And everyone who lives because of faith in me will never really die. Do you believe this?" - Jesus (Joh 11:26)

    Have you searched in vain for answers?

    "You can't believe idols and fortunetellers, or depend on the hope you receive from witchcraft and interpreters of dreams. But you have tried all of these, and now you are like sheep without a shepherd." (Zec 10:2)

    Thats because the answers cannot be found in this world.

    "Because what you hope for is kept safe for you in heaven. You first heard about this hope when you believed the true message, which is the good news." (Col 1:5)

    Have you lost your peace, joy and happiness and are you living in depression?

    There is power in the name of Jesus to break all the powers of hell and earth!

    "Whatever you ask in the name of Jesus according to His will, He will do it!" (Joh 14:14)

    Are you hurting today, are you shedding bitter tears today?
    You don`t have to even know how to pray, only call on the name of Jesus. If you will but ask, He is able to help you to believe, and to change your life, and give you peace, and hope, and joy once more! You too can experience the power that is in this one Name.

    Ask yourself, what have you got to lose, when everything else, and everyone else has failed you?

    My prayer is that light will flood your hearts and that you will understand the hope that was given to you when God chose you. Then you will discover the glorious blessings that will be yours together with all of God's people. Eph 1:18
  2. Very nice sister Shelly. Great post!

    Praise GOD for Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus was thinking of us before He made us. He thought of us the whole time since He already knew He was sent to the earth as man to die for us for sake of salvation for all who believe. Do you believe and praise Him, do you thank our Father in Heaven for Jesus Christ?
  3. Hi Coconut:

    I agree with Chad. It is a great post. I'd just like to add one thing on the subject of prayer for the benefit of people who've never prayed before: Keep it simple and keep it short. Too many times prayer is smothered by ritual. Don't worry about kneeling down or folding your hands just right. Don't worry about saying exactly the right words and don't think you have to pray any length of time. God understands what you're saying. He knows what's in your heart.

    In Him.

  4. Thanks Coco . Great post as the others said . Peace be over your whole house in Jesus name . MikeT4G :star:
  5. Good question. Good answer.

    Jesus. The Way. The Truth. The Life. Jn :14

    Without the Way, .........there is no Going.
    Without the TRuth, .......there is no Knowing.
    Without the Life ...........there is no Living.

    I am the Way, the TRuth, and the Life, thats what Jesus said............

  6. Praise the Living GOD!!! Yes, Jesus is the consistent answer! And, when all else has failed you in this world, remember....
    "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." (Hebrews 13:8)

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