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Why are we Here?

Staff Member
When I was waiting for a life-saving heart transplant seven years ago, I was at the same time very excited about a sailboat I had designed that was being built in Italy. Though so weak I could hardly walk, I would sit in a chair, surrounded by boat plans, weather charts, and cruising guides. My son **** asked me, "Dad, how can you do all this? You may never see this boat."

I told him, "Maybe I'll live to see it; maybe I won't. It's only a boat. If I die, the boat can be sold. I have faith in God, so I'm not worried about dying. If God grants me more years to live, then the issue is: What's my role? What does He want me to do next?"

What does God want you to do next? Why are we here? What's His plan for our lives? Those are really much more important questions to answer than what happens after we die. As Christians, we already have that answer.

I thank God that He has so richly blessed my life with purpose and for giving me a second chance at life following my successful heart transplant. He has blessed me with a business that gives people livelihoods and supports families around the world. He has filled my life with a wonderful wife, children and grandchildren. He has given me talents for leadership that have produced a level of success that allows me to give back to my community and help people live better lives.

An example is a new convention center called DeVos Place that recently opened in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, for which my wife, Helen, and I provided the lead gift. The business this new convention center attracts is expected to generate more hotels, restaurants, and stores ? leading to more jobs, a more vibrant downtown, and more young people wanting to stay and become part of a city that is going places. What a blessing!

Why are you here? What does God want you to do next? Whether it's touching one life or thousands, making a meaningful contribution large or small, He wants you to be a blessing and use you for His glory.