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Why are people so cruel?

Discussion in 'Teen Hangout' started by fevoldj2, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Many people I know and hear about are treated rather poorly. The main thing, I believe is in relationships of any kind. I have seen guys claim they love a girl and dump her a week or two later. The guy that 'loved' the girl doesn't even care that the girl is crying all day and very upset. I know that this is due, many times, to being shallow. If you see a 'hot' girl then you seem to 'fall in love.' I haven't experienced this before and I think it is rather unfortunate. Guys aren't the bad ones, I know that it is on both sides. Girls do the same thing, looking for a good looking guy. If we were without a body how would things change?

    Another thing comes to mind. I have been made fun of for not being lustful towards girls, dating, being above average in school, and being nice to people. I've been called gay for those reasons. I don't fit in well at school but it hasn't bothered me. I just feel awful about how mean people can be to others that are different from them. I do my best to be nice back and haven't done anything wrong to them. I just don't understand it.

    I just wish all the hatred, racism, prejudice and selfishness would disappear. It really makes me sad that nobody cares. I apologize for the structure of this post, but hopefully you can make something of it.
  2. Hey dude the fact that you arent lustful towards girls is such a good thing and im heaps proud of ya for that, and as for being above average in school well that will definately benefit you in the long run!!
  3. yeh people can be so cruel but thats the world we were born into and it is our duty as christians to stand against that sort of behaviour
  4. it seems rather useless to tell them otherwise or tell them that their behavior is uncalled for. Not many people seem to care.
  5. About being nice to people and not lusting towards girls, thats a Christian thing, and you should be like that. So, what your facing there is persecution. And the Bible tells us to Praise Him in the midst of Persecution. So...that mihgt make things better.

    Also, the reason why girls and guys do that is becuase yes, shallowness, and also, their teenagers. Teenagers might think that they have a concept of love -And I'm speaking as a young teen, so don't think I'm dissin teens or something...;)- They think that they do, but how can you have a concept of what love is? When your 18, I can understand where you might think you love somone, but at 16 or younger, I don't think you would be able to tell what love is. If you really did love somone, you wouldn't be out looking for whats hotter. You won't think that anyone is hotter then the one you love, their the only one you see. The term "love" is tossed around very loosly these days, anyway. I mean, teens use it as slang almost. I wouldn't call it cruelty that people do that these days, I would just call it a bit of life.

    Don't we all wish that would disappear? Its sadly a part of the world, though, and the way the world is. But thankfully, we serve a God that is great, right? I think hatred and things is something were not going to escape until Heaven. But, we don't always have to be around those that hate. We can surround ourselves with Christian friends, and hopefully they don't have hatred. We can also spread the love of Christ to people that hate, and maybe cause them to have a change of Heart!
  6. I think that you can love at an early age, mid-teens that is but it just takes so much commitment. I know I couldn't handle it and wouldn't want to put any girl through it. Even Christians do it though unless they aren't being serious about being Christian, which I hope isn't the case.
  7. i agree, i think that young teens can be in love. it's not very common, tho. but it really is sad that people confuse being in love and making love as the same, when it most certainly is not the same at all. it's a deception of Satan. he takes two good and wonderful somethings and turns them around into sin, because he has caused the two to be thought of as the same.
  8. I have loved before and I hurt for a very long time after he left me I thought he was my husband and treated him as such but yeah he wasnt very committed after a year and at 18 moths he left me and I was devastated.
    I m starting to love again and I am 16. Not all can love at a young age but their are those who are mature in their relationships and dont see dating as a game but as mini commitments.

    Any couple can get and stay married if they bith put in 110% effort, sort out problems as soon as they arise and work on them, do without expecting back,accept one another as is and love them as such and want things to work
    And it must fit into Gods will
    a couple that prays together have a better chance of staying together
  9. I could be very wrong about this and I know it's a little off topic, but wouldn't God be pleased with any girl you find that would help you grow in Him or does He have a specific for you?
  10. I don't know all I know is that God has a will for everyone of us, He is making my husband perfect for me right now and me for my husband but that doesnt mean we don,t have to work to keep things going. Not like physical labour but we have to become one and put each other first, I think God has a specific person for us or maybe a few people who we can choose from but defnately only one marriage and it must represent thee relationship of Christ and His bride the Church
  11. Hello fevoldj2

    I think people are cruel when they want to be powerful over people and also when others have been cruel to them as well. It is not good though.

  12. Very good answer Heather-anne ! :love: It is very hard to be nice to people who have not done the same to you . What I have found in my walk with Jesus is that as I continue daily to find out , and witness Gods love for me , I end up feeling sorry for people who are cruel instead of angry . But it is not easy and takes time . But know that your Heavenly Father LOVES you , and there isn't any human on earth who can change that ! We all love you too :love: :boy_hug: :girl: :computer: !!!! God bless you sister . Love Mike
  13. That's also what happens at my school. The people who don't fit in, and look different get bullied and made fun of. I have a friend who is a boy, who doesn't really fit in with the rest of the boys as they are really horrible to him. So, he has quite a few friends but they are all girls, hence all the boys call him things like 'gay' and stuff, but he says he isn't.
  14. People are only cruel because someone else has been cruel to them.

    I find that its easy to love everyone regardless of how cruel they are, by understanding that we all used to be babies. A baby is never evil for it contains nothing but the Holy Spirit. As those babies have grown, witnessing this evil world, it has become a part of them. Its really not thier fault. Love them, hate the world.

    Its the way this world is, run by fear and desire, instead of faith and love.

    Look at 2 Timothy chapter 3. Take careful attention of verse 3. but read the whole chapter. Think about those poor children at school while you read it.

    Then turn to 1 Corinthians chapter 13, read the whole chapter. This is Jesus biggest gift to you in controlling what is happening during your persecution.
    "love endures all things"

    They are childish you are not.

    Love them for thier evil acts, the more they persecute you, the more your understanding and love will grow.

    For those of you who attend schools over these next few days, read those 2 chapters each morning. Will rise you above the rest.

    God Bless. :love:
  15. As a 13 yr old boy, the reason we can be so shallow is because we wouldn't want to get stuck with a not so good looking girl with a good personallity. We base on what our friends think. It is probably some of the most horrible thing that you have ever heard but its what we do. Peer preasure acctually takes a role in that. If we could just go out with other people depending on their personalities, the world would be so much better. God loves us all equally and that should be good enough. We shouldn't need another relationship when we have the best love in the world. The love of god.
  16. People can be really cruel, this is what we call life, anywayz i cant imagine not caring for a girl who is crying for many days, well teens can be in love, well many of us dont know if teen's love is genuine or not, but since i am a teen everytime i love someone i really loved them.
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    Dear fevoldj2,

    Nothing anyone has posted before me in reply to your conundrum is necessarily wrong. It can just all be summed upt to this:

    The sad and simple truth, is that satan is in the world. These people that act so cruely are of the world, they do not yet have Jesus in their hearts.

    Having been the favorite target of much cruel behavior, and suffering through many things I wish I'd never had to deal with; I have learned that there is a reason for everything God does in our lives. Every trial, every tribulation, every good, every bad, everything inbetween, every person that enters our life... there is a reason and a lesson to be learned. We may not always know the reason, we may not always learn the lesson at the time, we may not always like the reason, but there is always a purpose.

  18. Though the lessons are most often cruel, the fact remains that without life's trials we would never grow. People often wonder how and where we fit into God's plans. I firmly believe that God shapes us to fit his plans and it comes in the form of trials. This shaping is not a painless process but it definitely makes us stronger.
  19. I am in basically the exact same situation as you are. I'm quite intelligent, I'm very friendly to people, and I am not lusting toward girls. I prefer to look at them as people, not sexual objects. It's actually quite uncanny at how EXACTLY the same I am to your situation. I'm quite sorry, because I understand the suffering that you are going through. I've come to understand that people are cruel, and people will disappoint you. That's why it's crucial to find a small group of people that truly understand you, and respect who you are. I personally do not have any of those people in my life, but I'm on the search!
  20. God says the world is gonna get a lot better before it gets a lot worse.
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