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Whose answered the call?

The call, the call of Jesus christ is being heard all around the world, I would luv to hear testimonies of people getting saved and the various moves of god. For I know that the upcoming generation is summed in Joel 2:2-32 , A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains: a great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, even to the years of many generations.
In this chapter I believe the state of the churches is prophesied and the time is now. Jesus is soon coming and their are stillod millions that dont believe in the living son of god. The call of god is for his people to be radical for christ, we are unstoppable, I have comfort in gods word, the trumpet is sounding in churches as believers we must answer the call to bear Jesus name before all the world and not to let up.
Your faithful young brotha in christ:love:
My elder brotha Jesus Christ has called us , who am I to deny god
I Aggree With You Brother . We Must Prepare This Next Forgotten Generation For The Return Of Jesus !!! The Devil Has Done Much To Divide Them From The Older Generation And Isolate Them . However --- In The Last Days The Sons Will Return To Their Fathers And The People To The Lord . Let Us Embrace The Youth That Call Themselfe's [ Generation - X ]

Hey i agree totally. God is so good and he has been so good to me. These past couple of years i have seen God begin to do a geat work in me and the other teens in my youth group. I have been able to use my voice in a way that i could have never done as a professional singer, to glorify him qand bring other people to god and touch hearts and ya know thats what i really wanted anyway! One day in church as i was praying fo god to reveil to me what he wanted me to do for him and how i was kinda frustrated that nothing was really happening the way i wanted as far as doing something radically dramatic for him. I guess i was just anxious to "go". But God said to me havent i put you in your school? Who else do i have there but you? So from htat day on i have made it my commission to be a witness and bring the teenagers in my school to Jesus. The great thing is that from that day people would talk to me and even tell me that they didnt even know why they were talking to me they just like talking to me. I Just feel incredibally blessed! I also was blessed with the oppurtunity to go on a missions trip in a couple states, the people you meet are so influencual and its just an awesome experience! I have learned through prophecy that God has something WONERFUL planned for me and as soon as God opens the door and tells me where to go I am gone!! Which may be why i dont know yet i still have resp[onsibilities to my parents and my school. "They that wait apon the lord will renew their their strenghth they will run and not grow weary they will walk and not grow faint." So for now im trying my best to do what God has told me to do know and if "he can trust me in the little things" i can move on to more and thats the desire of my heart! Thats more than enough cuz we all have to stop sometime.
God bless,
Thanks for responding Andrea,
Ive had similar experiences with god. I knew last year that god wanted me to minister to the people in my school but I didnt know how to effectively minister. So god taught me through the word and a awesome web site www.wayofthemaster.com . So i ministered but i felt god also wanted me to worship him on my school bus. I didnt fell comfortable worshipping on the school bus, every excuse you coul think of came out my mouth. It took a while before i worshipped him on the bus. I just finished listining to a song called "let it rain" and the song stayed in my spirit and i was just so filled with the holyspirit that i couldnt hold it back i just started thanking god for saving my life literally and spiritually. Andrea we are a peculiar people and i believe that god has much in store for us, be in good courage, and always do what you do for god.
:love: Your brotha in christ Legacy