Who's Controlling Our Food ?The shocking truth MUST SEE

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The man who controls the food controls the world.

Where is your food coming from ?
Why is it ok for farmers to not label crops that contain genetically modified organism ?
Who's controlling your Food ?
Are these fake foods the cause of cancer ?

If you're not into documentaries I strongly recommend you watch this, share it with your friends and family.

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Among many circles there seem to be a census that people aren't concerned where their food comes from as long as it taste good and cheap.

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didn't watch the video (assuming it's about american food) but here in EU it's probably different as we have EU directives etc which makes food supply a serious matter.
Hi rizen1,

I didn't watch all of the video (because I've watched many similar ones and probably already know way more than I really need to on the subject), nonetheless I am glad to see that this truth about our food supply has been revealed to you and I applaud your effort to reach others with this truth.

Yes, it is as you said, most people are apathetic and want to believe that ignorance is bliss, about their food, about most things really.

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