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whole foods market

Has anybody here ever heard of
Whole Foods Market?
It is a natural and organic
grocery store.
nice to meet you. thank you for responding. whole foods sells many brands of healthy and/or organic foods. it is a full service grocery store. they also have their own brand.
check out their web site it is very interesting.
have you ever heard of panera bread?

take care, write back if you like, craig
Craig, I am a big fan of organic foods. I really appreicate your post. Organic foods are very hard to find. I find it at the market, my meats are organic, veggies...are iffy...I look forward to more posts from you with recipes and sharing info. with us.
whole foods

I too would like to go more organic with my family. We do have a whole foods market about 40 min. away. our local market has a small organic section. which has helped. But the cost is so much more, I can't afford to feed my family that way. The cost of food has already jumped so much in the last year.

AlabasterBox :girl: