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who was responsible for collecting Bible?

Who had the right to decide which book or lettle could be collected into Bible?
I mean for example Paul had some students, or letters and Peter had some students or letters. Who decided to choose which letter or which student's book in the Bible?
Is Bible including all the materials that ever had at that time now?:confused:
i totally disagree the bible has been put together by those in power through the years ie king james and the lost books of the bible especially the gospel of thomas was never included because of the threat it poses to the system of things and especially those in power for me to believe that the bible is the be all and end all is foolish open your minds to the lost books because they to are from god
Good post, Chad. People who promote apochryphal writings as being equal with the accepted books of the Bible are denying the Holy Spirit's role in the development of the Bible.