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Who Is Your Jesus? A Different Jesus?

THE MORMON JESUS- Introduction
Mormons openly profess to believe in Jesus Christ. But is their Jesus different from the Jesus of the Bible?

It’s not uncommon for Mormons to argue that they should be regarded as Christians because their faith is centered on Jesus Christ. And while this may appear to be the case from the perspective of the Mormon Church, there can be little doubt that the Jesus preached by Mormonism is not the Jesus of the Bible.

THE MORMON JESUS- A Different Jesus
Simply believing in someone named Jesus will not solve the issue for Mormons because — as the apostle Paul warns in 2 Corinthians 11:4 — there are some who preach a different Jesus. For example, while the Bible teaches that Jesus has always existed as God (John 1:1), Mormons see Jesus as someone who worked His way up to godhood. In fact, to Mormons, Jesus is merely one in purpose with God the Father; whereas the Bible declares that the Father and the Son are also one in essence (cf. Phil. 2:6) — that they are both equally God and members of the Holy Trinity.

THE MORMON JESUS- Doctrine Twisting
This leads me to what is perhaps the most problematic matter facing Mormons with regard to their view of Christ. You see, in their attempt to evade charges of polytheism — which, of course, is the belief in or worship of more than one god — Mormons end up prohibiting prayer to Jesus. Mormons confess that they believe in the existence of many gods but pray only to God the Father. Well, in light of the Bible’s explicit command to pray to Jehovah (cf. Deut. 4:7; 2 Chron. 7:14; Pss. 5:2; 32:6; Jer. 29:7, 12), it’s simply incredible that Mormons refuse to pray to Jesus while yet acknowledging Him to be Jehovah! In addition, let me point you to passages like John 14:14 and Romans 10:12 which demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt that believers ought to pray to Jesus.

THE MORMON JESUS- Not the Jesus of the Bible
Mormons can claim to believe in Jesus all they want, but it’s apparent from their teachings that the Jesus they profess is definitely not the Jesus of the Bible. The truth is they worship another Jesus, proclaim another gospel, and teach the skin of the truth stuffed with a lie. Ultimately, all cults and world religions, in one way or another, compromise the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are to test the spirits, John says, because there are many false prophets. The spirit of antichrist will especially try to infiltrate prophetic ministry. While Paul tells us to discern the message of prophets (1 Cor.15:14) ; and Peter tells us to recognize the lifestyle of false prophets (2 Peter 2) John tells us to test the spirits" which speak to the prophets. It is possible for people who live right, to speak, feel and do things that seem right, but the spirit be wrong. The spirit of God puts Jesus at the focal centre. The spirit of antichrist will often simply not acknowledge Jesus and elevate something else instead, a church, a ministry, a person.
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My neighbours are mormons. There is one of their churches just up the road from me, and sometimes we get harassed by their missionaries on the street.
They have added to the Bible...they go by their own doctrines and covenants and a book called 'the pearl of great price'. While they are relatively good neighbours in that we havent had much trouble from them I would not say they are christians.

They have a lot of churches and many islanders have been taken in by this cult sadly. I used to take a widow ro church and she said her family many were mormons. Sometimes she would go to their church and I said how can you when they believe something different but she was able to do this and still worship the Lord.
Other people have family members that are catholics and when they go to their churches its the same..basically ignore their teachings and just worship the Lord anyway but I think if it was me I wouldnt go or I'd be putting up my hand and going um hang on...

Personally I would not get involved in these cults but if you know someone whos in it and deceived you have got to pray for them and share the gospel if you can. There are many that are trapped in cults because religious spirits can bind you to them.

I have not noticed anyone on Talk Jesus espousing mormon doctrines.
Our Jesus is Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, not Jesus of salt lake city, utah.
Sure...was born of a virgin Mary, in Bethlehem, who was espoused to Joseph, grew up in Nazareth, Galilee, was circumcised and dedicated to at the temple on the 8th day following his birth, was baptised in the Jordan river at age approximately 30, fasted for 40 days where he was tempted by Satan but overcame then spent three and a half years in ministry healing, discipling and declaring the Kingdom demonstrating He was the Messiah. Anointed by Mary Magdalene and was declared Messiah (or Christ) the son of God by Peter. Was betrayed and crucified and died in Jerusalem, was raised three days later from the dead and ascended to Heaven from Bethany after 40 days to sit at the right hand of our Heavenly Father. Matthew and Luke both give the lineages of Jesus.

If you want more detail just read the New Testament!

I don't know what mormons really believe but heard they reckon Jesus visited Salt Lake city in america or something weird like that. In another book they made up. The book of Mormon. Well....

yea I don't know about that. And founded the mormon church, so that all the other believers up to that time were just wrong. Huh. I don't think so.
He was the Messiah. Anointed by Mary Magdalene and was declared Messiah>>MMM > Thanks!
What I know of mormon belief...Mormons believe in weird things like reformed egyptian and golden plates and an angel called 'Moroni'. And polygamous marriage (for some sects). So anyway. Far be it from me to question their beliefs that they sincerely adhere to but I reckon there are so many holes in their stories and so much contrary to the Bible that anyone who knows the truth won't be taken in.

The bible says in Galatians 1:8 that if we or an angel preaches a different gospel from the one you have heard they are under a curse.