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Who is going? (RESET 2016)

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Jesus_is_LORD, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. Sounds interesting....I will keep my eye on how this event unfolds

    A bit too far for me to travel though :)
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  2. Sounds like a place the enemy can gather us ALL together and take us out.


    Diffently a place for the enemy to show up; Yes, he will be there in the midst also, he is in the midst of every gathering. Amen.

    God has not told me to go and who am I to jump ahead of Him and do what I want, when I want?
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  3. Like Rag4acrown, I am not called to go, but I am glad to pray for those going, to be strong in the "Spirit of the Lord", that the evil one will have no power over them.
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  4. [QUOTE="Christ4Ever, post: 277877, member: 12412]"Sadly, in a country that can do this, so little of it is actually done! How much would our persecuted Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus around the world desire to do the very thing that we in a "free society" (for now) take for granted and do not do! Shout it from the Roof Tops! That the DC Mall area be filled from one end to the other! So filled that the flow of the Holy Spirit may be felt by believers around the world to rejoicing and unbelievers to tremble and repent in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus! Yeshua! Jesu! Amen!

    Yes, we, especially those of us in the United States and other rich supposedly Christian nations, are rich in so many things, but are willing to share in so few. Peter had so little in worldly goods, but what he did have from God he was willing to share with anyone who needed or desired it. It is not just money but time and opportunity AND most importantly God's Word and Spirit that we have in abundance and yet is there not too often a lack of generosity and real charity among us?

    The gathering mentioned could be a very good thing, but that is only one tiny drop in the bucket. We, each of us, have all the rest of our natural lives and everything that God has given us and will give us to share with others. From a distance people will look at the gathering for a short moment, but business associates and our neighbors and co-workers and fellow students and acquaintances will look at us daily. What is it that they see when they see us? This is why Jesus in spite of the wondrous works that He did was able to say:

    "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father." John 14:12

    Are we a part of the "greater works" being done or to be done?

    The advertised meeting could be like any regular church meeting... if larger than most... which could indeed edify those who attend, but what about those who always remain on the outside and have not received the incentive to enter in...? What are our lives showing to them not only on 7.16.16, but on every day that is available for us to walk in Him?
  5. Amen.

    You give me a great idea about volunteering. That would be awesome. What greater joy than to serve the LORD and HIS people.

    "The greatest among you will be your servant." - Matthew 23:11

    "Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another's feet." - John 13:14
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  6. I would certainly love to see that!

    Yes, so long as it is really the fire of God rather than the strange fire of men. Remember Nadab and Abihu!

    Let God's will be done and let us ask God to help us to always be in the center of His will.

    Anything that is pointed in the right direction for God is worth it. Let God do the pointing.

    Just so my friend and brother in Christ!
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  7. @Jesus_is_LORD @Fragrant Grace @amadeus2 @rag4aCrown @Brad Huber

    After some research I've had to pull my support of this. Though not a primary initiator of this. The Pope will be given a platform to speak via video. Sadly, for that reason I can no longer put my backing to this. I've found separate places where this is confirmed. I should have done better research. Some might argue that the Pope as being only a small part of this should not out weight the possible good that could come of it. Dear Sister Rag4aCrown was correct in her initial statement! After that post I should have be diligent in my responsibilities to all concerned and do the necessary follow up research to have found this out much earlier.

    Here a couple of links stating the information concerning the Pope's speaking at this event via video.

    The Pope and Hillsong will unite "Together 2016" in Washington D.C.

    I beg every ones' forgiveness for not doing so.
    A sad Brother in Christ
  8. @Christ4Ever

    In agreement with you fully brother....Im shocked that Hillsong are uniting with the pope

    In any gathering of Christians large or small the devil will seek to divide and destroy

    This is yet another eartickling worldly event by the sound of it.

    What a shame.
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  9. Why did you run out into the field; to see a weed shaken by the wind?

    Look He is in the dessert! Don't you go.
    Look He is over there! Don't you go.
    He is in our heart; and He leads us. Amen.
    We are not our own anymore; to be going where and doing what We want, when we want and with who.

    If I want to run ahead of God and do what I want, when I want; He has made me very aware that my time is always ready.
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  10. Thanks for the feedback brothers and sister.

    I will heed the advice of this Christian community. I will not be going.
    If I am wrong, the LORD will speak to me and make me aware of my error.

    That is why it was good that I shared to get feedback. We don't know everything so it is often good to
    bounce new ideas with fellow believers.

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  11. @Jesus_is_LORD
    Once again thank-you for sharing dear brother.

    As proactive as I was in supporting this, I can't help but realize that others might not also have known this information about the Pope speaking. So I've also moved to adding postings on the FB of those who have confirmed in attending. We are also called to sound a warning as Watchmen. My hope and prayers are that they will change their minds in either attending or remove the invitation to the Pope to speak. It is never too late while we have breath to repent of missteps we have taken and continue on the path to Glory.
    With the Love of Jesus Christ.
  12. I am looking for the right words.... but can't really find them. Forgive me if this either doesn't make sense or seems childish.
    Why would we think that anything God has a hand in would also not try to be used by the enemy?? And what does the Pope have to do with anything? I mean, it could be (sorry I don't know a lot of well known Christian speakers) could be Billy Graham, Charles Stanley, John Piper ...any of them speaking and there would still be division to some giving the Pope a platform, why would that matter?

    In the end, aren't we all drawn to the Father differently, by different means? He will be faithful right? So if someone hears of a large Christian gathering and is drawn to can that be bad?

    I'm just trying to understand...perhaps I am missing something. o_O:coffee::)

    Heck, I was thinking of going at one point (but can't get off that much time from work after a recent trip) and my thought was to go and minister/witness to the Christians!! hehe.... love on them and encourage them in their identity...its time some start to wake up :)
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  13. Dear sister @Ellie

    Catholicism is a totally false and deceptive man made religion which perverts the Word of God.

    And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

    Ephesians 5:11
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  14. Not childish at all Sister.
    When we have questions we ask, even from the Father. :thumbsup:

    You, @Jesus_is_LORD, me and I'm sure many others were looking at this gathering as a coming together of believers...believers through God's Grace. Perhaps some with some doctrinal differences, but generally speaking in the same boat. I stated "We are Saved by God's Grace through Jesus Christ"...sadly this truth is not how Catholicism looks at want to research something whenever you have time. :rolleyes: (Work, Work, Work) Research the Reformation. There are two sides to every issue (Catholicism & Protestantism), but the bottom line in a rather rough way is that unless you have Jesus Christ through the Catholic Church and work for it you are not saved. If you read scripture you will find that this is not true in any way shape or form. While we as Protestants believe that Salvation is through Grace alone through Jesus Christ alone.

    The ability to search scripture for yourself and through the Holy Spirit to understand it. Is vital in helping each of us to grow in Jesus Christ. However, if the Catholic Church had its way in the past. You would not have known this, because you would not have had access to the Bible....the list of issues and deceptions are long and ongoing.

    I am with you that this would have truly been a wonderful venue by which we could have shown our Love to other Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus and maybe even wake a few of them up! ;) Sadly, by giving a platform to the Pope it legitimizes a deception that he perpetuates. This something that no believer in Christ Jesus should be a part of. That is why I can not support this.

    Sister in Christ Jesus, Ellie. Keep asking questions! Don't take things at face value, but look and pray deeply about them. This was my initial failing in this. Which I'm truly sorry about and continue to be sadden by my own failing. Our love for others even those who don't believe should not blind us to the evil that is in the world and seeks to truly turn us away from the truth that can only be God's Grace through His Son Jesus Christ.

    With the Love of Jesus Ellie.
  15. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ
    (@Chad @Christ4Ever for your information)

    I have just deleted a post on this thread that defended the Catholic church.

    There is no valid defence of the Catholic church

    Catholicism is man made false and probably the most deceptive religion that there is....deceiving millions into believing their homage and confession to Mary the pope and the saints will lead to their salvation.

    We can all say "isn't it nice that Hillsong are uniting with the pope" .....yet in doing so we are just contributing to this world's watered down Christianity. And at an event like Reset thousands more will be confused by this perversion of the truth.

    For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;
    1 Timothy 2:5
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  16. It has all the signs of the campaign that has been going on for some time now to bring all religions together into a one world religion. The pope and President Obama and Rick Warren (somewhat) are pushing this big time. The church has been moving in this direction for some time now with the dilution of the gospel and the focus on entertainment in the church. The big thing being pushed is to remove what divides us. What divides us? The gospel does: sheep and goats. What these people want is to rid us of all that divides us so we all come together as one, so they do away with the parts of the gospel which do divide us, and they make Jesus out to be a do-gooder who everyone loved. Not all of these people are preaching a diluted gospel, though, at least not on the surface, though I have found that even some who are preaching the full counsel of God are subtly slipping in what is not of God to unsuspecting ears. We need to be wise, and we need to be discerning. Just because this looks good on the surface doesn't mean it is good. I had a similar thought as Rag4acrown about how Satan may use this gathering. Anyway, I also did some research. This is one article I read: DRESS REHEARSAL FOR A FALSE REVIVAL? - Evangelical, Charismatic, Emerging Leaders, & Pope Francis Unite for "Together 2016" in Washington, DC -. The article is about the Reset 2016.
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  17. Now those who want to kill us has been released in our land, just in time for the gathering.

    Wow Lord... I pray thee...
    Prayer for those that support this brothers and sister's. Amen
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  18. Thank-you sister for your attention to this. This is one of the sites I've used over the years for researching on the subject of the Emergent Church/Contemplative Spirituality. Sadly, it always seems to lead by to Rome.

    I've received correspondence from one of the attendees ministry team and to be expected, the response had little to do with addressing the issue, but rather only an attempt in justifying the continued attendance. None of us can walk the path for another when they choose to walk the one that leads to destruction after being warned.

    We can stand in the gap of those who are needful, but that speaks of united front in doing so. This "unity" that they speak of is founded on the precepts of man and not God. For if it were of God they would not mix darkness with light and water down the salt of the world that we are supposed to be. Being Pure and Holy with our prayers coming before the Throne of our Lord and Savior. We might then receive Holy Spirit change moving the people of God in this Nation. Then we would bring blessed increase to the Kingdom of God and most assuredly to His Glory. To His Glory Alone.

    As sister Rag4aCrown has stated. Prayer indeed are needed for our Brothers and Sisters who are caught up in this!
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  19. Amen! We can never compromise our faith in Jesus Christ for the sake of "unity," which is what the pope and others are pushing.

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