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Who is Gog?

Discussion in 'Evidence & Prophecy' started by Stephen1, Mar 15, 2009.

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    God addresses "Gog" in Ezekiel 38 and 39 with respect to Israel's return to the Land of Israel at the end of this current age.

    Careful study of Ezekiel's vision and other related Scriptures are necessary in order to identify Gog and his involvement over a very broad time frame.

    This includes his connection to both the spirit world, human kings, and the human organizations contained within the dominions of the human kings.

    There are some identifiers and other links to be considered which will lead to the realization that Gog is not human.

    This entity has angelic characteristics which can be determined by studying the identifiers and the links.

    Gog is identified by other Biblical prophets as being connected with different human rulers, in different geographical areas, at different times, over periods which exceed the limitations of human life span. [Ezekiel 38:17]

    God's angelic creatures do not age and are the same as they were at their creation. This angelic trait allows for perpetual involvement over vast time periods. [Ezekiel 28:11-19] [Revelation 20:1-3]

    God notes that Gog is a subject of many of the prophets, yet he is referred to as "Gog" in only one other place in Scripture in the Book of Revelation. This must mean that he is identified by different profiles. [Ezekiel 38:17]

    All other references refer to him or his agents by some other name or title. For example, Daniel sees the angelic prince, king of the abyss, that is to come (Abaddon-Apollyon) and the little horn (human king). Both of these entities will be empowered and directed by Satan.

    Gog is described as the chief prince, in this case, of Mesheck and Tubal. The term "prince" is usually applied to an angelic ruler who rules over, influences, and operates through human kings (horns). [Ezekiel 38:2]

    The term "chief prince" indicates that this prince is the ruler or leader of others of the same kind. I do not believe the Hebrew word "rosh" used for chief is in reference to Russia as some teach, but should be translated as chief or head prince.

    The title of "prince" is revealed to Daniel in describing angelic activity related to the archangel Michael's battle against the opposing forces of the princes of Persia and of Grecia. [Daniel 10:13-20]

    The title of prince is used by God when addressing the human king of Tyre. The message goes beyond the king to another entity who apparently has interaction and control over the king. [Ezekiel 28:11-19]

    Isaiah contains references addressed to the prince of Babylon and to Lucifer. These are descriptions of Satan's existence as an angelic being and his connection with humanity. [Isaiah 14:12-17]

    Another prince that "shall come" will be revealed at the end of this age during Israel's 70th week. Daniel contrasts this entity with Jesus, the Messiah, the Prince that was "cut off". [Daniel 9:26-27]

    This prince will stand against (oppose) the Prince of Princes, who is Jesus. The result of the conflict will be the destruction of this prince (first beast of Revelation) in the lake of fire at Armageddon. [Revelation 19:20]

    Other references to Satan and his agents in the visions of the prophets include the Assyrian, prince of Persia, prince of Grecia, king of the abyss, the destroyer, man of lawless, the little horn king of the north, and son of perdition. [Micah 5:5-6; Daniel 10:12-21, 11:1; Revelation 9:11, 11:7, 13:1-18, 17:18; 2Thessalonians 2:8-11; Daniel 7:7-8, 8:9, 3:23-25, 11:36-45, 12:7]

    Satan plays the role of "chief prince" when his angelic agents are functional. He is the power behind them as they do his bidding in relation to the influence and control of human kings and their dominions. [Ezekiel 38:2]

    I believe that Abaddon-Apollyon is Satan's (Gog's) agent for all seven heads (human dominions) as they are defined in Revelation 13 and 17. He is the beast from the abyss [Revelation 9:11; 11:7; 17:8].

    It is clearly stated that "the beast (Abaddon-Appolyon) has seven heads" (earthly dominion). Five have fallen (are historical) and the other two will exist in sequence during the 70th week. [Revelation 17:7-13]

    Abaddon-Apollyon's connection with the seven human king "positions" is limited to influence and control. He is "of the seven" and is connected with all of them.

    This limitation will change when God allows him to become the eighth king himself by an actual incarnation. This is the "lie" and strong delusion that God will send.

    It will occur during the little horn's rule in the seventh king position. "Of the seven" can also be translated "of the seventh" which more specifically describes Abaddon-Apollyon's connection with the little horn. [Revelation 17:11]

    He will then become the 8th king himself. This manifestation will be exceptionally unique to humans who experience his presence. [2Thessalonians 2:3-12]

    The little horn will expand his sixth Middle Eastern dominion toward the south, the east, and toward Israel by forming alliances and by conquest. [Daniel 8:9]

    He will be occupying the seventh king position of the seventh dominion when Abaddon-Apollyon becomes the eighth king himself by incarnating the little horn. [Revelation 17:11]

    Abaddon-Apollyon will rule directly as king over most of the Middle East for a 42 month period (1,260 days) which will occur during the last half of the 70th week. [Daniel 11:36-44]

    He will rule in the shell of the little horn, human king of the northern Middle East, with 10 other contemporary Middle Eastern human kings [horns] [Daniel 7:7; Revelation 17:8-17]

    He will be destroyed by God in the lake of fire at the end of the next 30 day period, and Satan will be sent to the abyss for 1,000 years. [Revelation 19:20, 20:1-3]

    Revelation 20 records Satan's imprisonment in the abyss and future release after the 1,000 years and his attempt to deceive the nations once more.

    He will cause another human rebellion at the end of the Lord's illennial kingdom on the earth

    He is referred to as Gog [symbolically] again, and all of the nations involved are referred to symbolically as Magog. [Revelation 20:7-10]

    God addresses Satan as Gog in Ezekiel and Revelation because of his early connections with the inhabitants of the Land of Magog shortly after the flood.

    The focus of Bible prophecy presents the view of Satan's activities, specifically in the northern regions of the Middle East. [Ezekiel 38:15]

    I believe this is because of the area's position in relation to Eden, Mount Ararat, and its northern interface with the Land of Israel.

    The larger land areas of the early habitations of humans in the Middle East shortly after the flood are described in the Bible as the Land of Egypt, the Land of Canaan, the Land of Magog, and the Land of Shinar.

    These lands formed a crescent shape from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf starting with the Land of Egypt and ending with the Land of Shinar in clockwise order.

    The Land of Israel was developed later which replaced part of the Land of Canaan on the eastern seaboard of the Mediterranean.

    The area of the ancient Land of Magog today would include northeastern Syria, eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, northwestern Iran, and possibly Armenia and Georgia.

    It is currently inhabited by a mixed group of original ethnic tribal ancestry plus genetic lineage from the other land areas of the Middle East.

    Members of Magog's descendants have also migrated to other parts of the earth over a long period of time.

    The current populations located in the ancient Land of Magog are mainly Turkoman, Assyrian, Kurdish, Iranian (Medes and Persians), and Arab.

    The predominant religion is Islam. This common theology may have significance with regard to end time events.

    The core of the area in view is northeastern Turkey, northern Syria, northern Iraq, and northwestern Iran. This area is in a state of change as a result of the USA invading Iraq.

    This is most likely where Satan's antichrist (Abaddon-Apollyon incarnated in the little horn) will arise to power in the Middle East (the "sea" of the populations of the Middle East that surround Israel) at the time of the end. [Daniel 8:9, 11:36] [Revelation 13:1]

    Why does God addressed Satan as Gog, connect him with the Land of Magog, and identify him as the chief prince of Mesheck and Tubal?

    Why does God call him out of his place in the north to attack a regathered Israel in the Land of Israel at the end of this age?

    God has allowed Satan to rule over this northern geographical area, from shortly after the flood and continuously through Greek rule.

    The visions of the prophets indicate his presence in the same geographical area at the time of the end.

    Included are the original Land of Magog, the Akkadian/Assyrian Empire, and the subsequent empires of neo-Babylon, Persia, and Grecia.

    All of these human dominions were centered in the ancient Middle East with connections to the northern area of the Fertile Crescent. This same area will be Satan's base of operation at the time of the end.

    He will come from his place out of the north, the ancient area of the Land of Magog, with the objective of seizing control of the Middle East and destroying the nation of Israel.

    Satan's strategy for this event will include Abaddon-Apollyon, the false prophet who appears in the Land of Israel, and the little horn who will become the human manifestation of Abaddon-Apollyon.

    The little horn will emerge from the same area as "king of the north" and he will expand his rule to include much of the Middle East.

    He is seen as coming out of the northern division of Alexander's divided empire at the time of the end. He will then expand his control over most of the Middle East. [Daniel 8:9-12, 8:23-25, 11:36-45, 12:7]

    One important identifier will be the location of his original base of operation at the time of the end, and not necessarily his ethnic origin. [Micah 5:5-6]

    His origin will be out of the ancient territory of Syrio/Babylonia that was ruled by the northern Greek kings [Dainel 8:8, 8:9, 11:1-35]

    This area today includes eastern Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan

    His rise to power and conquering is recorded in Daniel 11:36-45, 12:7

    He does not have to be a direct descendant of Magog, although this is a possibility, but he must appear in the area of the ancient Land of Magog.

    Satan is the "chief prince", as indicated in one of his former relationships with the trading centers of Mesheck and Tubal. Magog's younger brothers were the founders of these two early prominent commercial centers of trade. [Ezekiel 27:13, 38:2]

    Abaddon-Apollyon, the first beast of Revelation, is the angelic "prince" who carries out Satan's bidding, and the little horn is the human ruler who will be incarnated by Abaddon-Apollyon at the time of the end. [Revelation 17:8-11]

    A very important truth is revealed from these identifiers. Satan will attempt to mimic the relationship that God has with Jesus. Jesus is the Son of God and also the Son of Man. He is both God and human.

    Satan aspires to replace God and will offer Abaddon-Apollyon as his christ (antichrist) who will appear to humans as being both a god and human. [2Thessalonians 2:3-12]

    Abaddon-Apollyon's power as a fallen angel will be far greater than any ordinary human. His willingness and ability to destroy will not be matched. He will astonish humans who see him and they will believe his claim to be a god. [Daniel 8:23-25] [Revelation 13:2-8]

    Satan's false prophet is also a fallen angelic who will appear in the holy land t the tie of the end

    This second beast of revelation will lead the cult of Abaddon-Apollyon and will manifest in two human clerics [two horns]

    The term beast used in Revelation identifies these two fallen angelics and the application is different that used in Daniel's visions of chapter 7

    These four beasts are successive human empires symbolized by animal beasts .... three named and the fourth unamed

    Abaddon-Apollyon did rule over three of these and he will rule over two more at the time of the end when he comes out of the abyss

    Notice that his symbolic trappings are parts of the leopard, bear, and lion given in Revelation 13

    God addresses Satan as Gog in Ezekiel and Satan is called Gog in Revelation. The ancient Land of Magog in the Middle East has been and will be Satan's point of origin on the earth at the time of the end.

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