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Who I Am...

I'm Deborah. A pastor's kid.:) I'm 17 and a Junior in Highschool. I babysit at a daycare. I don't date. I'm thinking about going to Olivet Nazarene University in 2005. I want a B.A. in music, a major in Religion, and a minor in Drama.
I live in Kansas.
I love music. I play piano, violin, and will soon be playing flute and saxaphone.
um... I'm not sure what else to say... :? I have 4 sisters... 3 brothers... I've been a Christian for 12 years... I guess I'll go now...

Staff Member
Welcome to Talk Jesus! I'm glad you've joined. Please share the site with your family, friends and church members. God Bless you.
not new anymore...

Well, a lot has changed since 2004. I am a senior in College now and I am majoring in Ministry with a minor in Music at Mid-America Nazarene University. I still don't date. I play piano, violin, flute, didgeridoo, marimba, . . . and I sing..
Staff Member
Hello sister welcome back. I'm glad to see a forum veteran return :)

Hope you like the new site and features. Enjoy
Hey Deborah, Welcome Back! You sound like a pretty cool girl. Most pastor's kids are rascals though. :shade: lol jk Enjoy your stay.

God Bless you
Welcome CoollChristianGurl. I wonder how many people on this site (Aussies & NewZealanders excluded) know what a didgeridoo is?

SpiritLedEd (SLE)
Welcome back dear sister, as a pastor I can imagine your father must really be so proud!! It's good to have you here!!!