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Who has one in there yard??

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I am seeing "Thank You Jesus" signs all over in peoples yards, just wondering who has one in here?? I dont currently, but I am thinking about it. Any one else care to share there thoughts?
I'd be curious as to what they are thanking Jesus For. Sure don't see that sign around here. Political signs, yes. We just had a city election.

Well - come to think about it, though. Your geographical area has had lots of storms, flooding, etc. haven't they? So maybe it's genuine 'Thank you Jesus' for helping them?!
Dave -- thank you for sharing that link. Never heard of that movement until you've shared it. Maybe I should get one.

And, good point. :)
the house I washed on saturaday had one in there yard and it warmed my heart to see them.
Sure, make one and set it up. Its better than political signs I see way to much of. But our lives should be the best witness to the truth of Christ.
Not on my front lawn but a lot on billboards on the major highways here. They say things like JESUS IS REAL and HELL IS REAL. Praise the Lord for bold sign painters!
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